5 US States With Highest Solar China’s Amazing Modern Mega 1 day ago   05:36

Richard Aguilar
In this video, you'll see the top 5 states in the USA that also use solar energy as a source of electricity aside from their normal sources of power.

5. New Jersey -- With more than 2,600 MW of installed solar energy capacity
4. Nevada -- With installed solar energy capacity of more than 2,700 MW
3. Arizona -- With more than 3,600 MW of installed solar power capacity.
2. North Carolina -- NC has almost 4,700 MW of installed solar capacity.
1. Carolina -- This state has more than 23,000 MW of installed solar capacity.

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The Ultimate Reductionist
0:52 NJ New Jersey
1:23 NV Nevada
2:13 AZ Arizona
3:09 NC North Carolina
4:09 CA California
IThinkWithMy Dick
0:52 NJ
1:23 NV
2:13 AZ
3:09 NC
4:09 CA
glenn goodale
It is content like this that caused me to quit television almost a decade ago and never look back. OUTSTANDING JOB!
glenn goodale
cool video
Little Cripple
Thanks Richard. Can you tell us what software you use for making videos and downloading videos? Thanks
Charles-A Rovira
I'm surprised that my state of *Noo Joyzee* is on there. It's a pitiful 2+GW, but its better than 45 other states.
Erik S
Our enemies can turn off our powergrids. Solar and distributed energy production has gone from an environmentalist thing to a national security problem.
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China’s Amazing Modern Mega 5 US States With Highest Solar 1 day ago   10:13

In this video you are going to see some of China’s mega size bridges that have helped and can help chinese citizens to travel fast and cut their traveling time.

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Some of the mega bridges you’ll see here are still under construction while others have already been completed and are already in operation.

Watch 9 of China's Mega Bridges Constructed And Assembled
1. China World’s Heaviest Cable-Stayed Bridge
2. Mega Bridge Built Over Yangtze River
3. China's First Cross-Sea Railroad Bridge
4. China Largest And Heaviest Bridge Rotated
5. The Second Humen Bridge Spanning The Pearl River
6. China’s World's Longest Span Four-Lane Railway Arch Bridge
7. China 8,800-tonne bridge Rotated Into Position
8. Another Mega Bridge In South China's Guangxi
9. The Construction Of The World's Widest Immersed Tube Tunnel

Watch the video to learn more...

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