IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / 3 IDEAS Homemade Tool for DRILLING Holes 1 day ago   15:44

Rough Hands and Unusual Ideas
Hi, im a Pensioner . Apart from my work i like DIY stuff, lifehacks, how to make, experiments, well everything that can be made by hand in a home enviorment. This channel " Rough Hands and Unusual Ideas " about new and old ideas that you might have known . This channel is a HACK COLLECTION. It’s an entartainment oriented channel, so do not try to repeat at home everything you see, as it might be dangerous. So take care of your health.

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tuul jargal
Luella Stewart
Does anybody else look away when they are welding?
Андрей Афеничев
Снимали в тюрьме? Есть дрель, но нет бит, есть станок, но нечем обработать, есть болгарка, но нет шлиф диска... Просто ужас... Разметка отверстий и центровка - просто верх усложнения задачи... Баллоны с газом есть и компрессор, а рукоятку из ржавой железки шлифует... Странно все это!

Video from prison? There is a drill, but there are no bits, there is a machine, but there is nothing to process, there is a grinder, but there is no grinding disk ... Just horror ... The marking of holes and centering is just the top of the complexity of the task ... There are gas cylinders and a compressor, and the handle from a rusty piece of iron grinds ... Strange all this!
Robert Kramarek
Some real bad welding !
Dave Deuble
What is the music used during the making of the chain wrench?
spike devil
Jak widzę te wszystkie pomysły to mnie CH... strzela
Bob B
Love your adjustable chain pipe wrench!!☺
Michael Linner
Just think how much you'll be spending in expensive sand though!
Walter Hynson
chain wrench my dad had one back in the day ...we also used them to remove oil filters.
Great oil filter wrench too!
Jack Calhoun
Just wanted to say something to the nay-sayers who don't understand the fun of creating for yourself. Great work.
Joseph D'Bennidetto
hey you weld like me. 8*) and don't pay any attention to those hosiers. I appreciate someone making tools from scrap laying around the shop, instead of paying for crap made through industry and fueling the supply and demand monsters.
just DANGEROUS click bait,go elsewhere and view a safe video with true practical use and no risk of injury
oh and the Sand blaster is also on the cheap at harbor freight
hey slick, it's called a chain wrench,with many variations, the best is the visegrip, snap lock type available at harbor freight,northern tool and hydraulic,all for about twenty bucks or less save time and aggravation,...... what a maroon
J Craig
great ideas. TOO MANY commercials!!!
Муслим Гаирбеков
А тиски то СОВЕТСКИЕ ГОСТовские!!!
Eric Fredrickson
Weldind on galvanized pipe can be dangerous; the zinc coating on the pipe can react with the welding gases and create toxic fumes. Not to mention, makes it difficult to get a good weld.
etep lanreb
it should be in every home in the fuckin trash can you have to be kidding what do you expect from a bunch of French shade tree part changers the whole vid is weak youtube should think about viewing before posting shit like this
you can buy a nice hand sandblaster for around15 bucks; the tip area needs to be ceramic otherwise this metal tip will disappear in few minutes of use :)
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Homemade Tool for DRILLING Holes IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / 3 IDEAS 1 day ago   06:58

Do not do this with the house
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