What Happens When The Queen 8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist 2 days ago   07:08

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After nearly 66 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history and has been a constant and calming force amidst the fast-paced changes their country has faced, making it even more inconceivable to think about what happens when she dies. Since Buckingham Palace doesn’t shy away from procedure, it's no surprise there’s already a comprehensive plan in place for what happens after she passes, known as Operation London Bridge. On the day Queen Elizabeth II dies, her death will elicit a comprehensive plan that has been in place since the 1960s. What will happen when Her Majesty's reign comes to an end and how will Britain mourn the loss? Here is what we know so far.

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What Happens When The Queen Dies | Vanity Fair

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Peppa pig
I wont be moaning when the traitor dies. I’ll be celebrating. She’s a traitor to the people.
The rest of the royals won’t have a part to play as we’re no longer a sovereign state.
James Braun
Its called Backwards magic !!
Ha ha ha
Helen Stanford
Not sure if anyone's pointed this out, but Charles may go by any of his four names: Charles Philip Arthur George. Personally, I'm voting for King Arthur (not that my vote counts, but still....)
Paul Large
I'll have a bottle on hand for the funeral, and every time that the presenter shoehorns the words, Tradition, Pomp, or Continuity into a sentence I'll take a drink. Pissed much!
Michael Apicella
The day will come....
baba duke
In the words of Ivan Drag; 'If she dies...some other bull shiva will take it's place'.
Sure, it's not verbatim, yet, close enough.
Sari Laurila
When queen dies I play SexPistols God Save the Queen and start party party 😉😏😀😁
Ella Larkin
Not as many children will 'go missing.'
Is no one going to talk about how they switched up the portraits of King George VI and King George IV at 0:04
Who cares when we die?
If all are going to be sad for her
AnnNC North Carolina
That is insane. She had been written through 13 presidencies.
Shechai Yah
Edward DID NOT ABDICATE. He was chased out, and Wallis Warfield Simpson WITH A DOPPELGANGER, lived out the luxurious life of the deposed King, before the Press. Edward's two legitimate daughters were disappeared, and the Royals believed they had it all tied up with a neat ribbon. :)
Stephen Brown
Cheering in the street.
Lukey Boii
I never knew detail until I watch this video..
Wow the comment section is full of lame joke
Samuel Jabir
If she dies,the diamond and gold making her crown should be returned to africa
Chris Fitzpatrick
We are the MANDELA effected and we are watching u
Marsha Boody
She is to retire in 2021.
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8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist What Happens When The Queen 2 days ago   08:17

Currently there are 13 sovereign monarchies in the world. Here is a list of 8 monarchies that do not exist anymore from the Kingdom of Russia to the Kingdom of Romania.

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EUROPEAN CROWNS - EUROPEAN MONARCHY (DECEMBER 2016): 8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist.

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