Tom Brady says it makes him 'cringe' Tom Brady on showing fans 'a different 2 days ago   06:50

ABC News
The New England Patriots quarterback opened up to ABC News' Michael Strahan about football and family after his 6th Super Bowl victory.


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Robert Harvey
Tom Brady
Robert Harvey
lion King
White Doug
How can you hate this man he is the greatest
Roger Goodell only talks to his family at Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Robert Harvey
hockey team devils
Reef k
Forever indebted to Oakland Raiders 2001 divisional playoff game Tuck Rule the year he took over for Drew Bledsoe and won a Super Bowl that year first Super Bowl
Ricky Arme
9 Super bowl appearances and 6 wins. It's ok to be called the goat. Those numbers I typed in are mind boggling and it's almost in believable. GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jula Vision
I'm a Jets fan and the reason why he says calling him the Goat makes him cringe is the reason why he is the 🐐
Donald Pace
Joe Montana
Monica Turk
Giselle practices witchcraft so they are both goats
joe smith
i cringed when i saw pats 2019 schdule having winning a super bowl!
joe smith
He cringes because he knows pats win as a team and hes a system qb also luck is a big part of the 6 rings!
Dev Lo
Him and his organization cheat... not the greatest he gets 0 respect
This guys like a Clerk Kent... But we all know his Superman.
Cezar Dallman
Crazy to think Brady would have 7 if it wasn't for Strahan, Respect for 2 of the all-time greats
K Hatch
He should cringe he knows Aaron Rodgers is a much better QB.
Vasyl Music
Why did I get a 2 minute laugh out of the title?
Joe Dunphy
Tom is a demon from hell with a nice smile during interviews that he hates
Let this sink in : this guy has been in so many SB's and won so many of them he has a traditional trip to Disneyland after a win.
the extream g.o.a.t TV
He won in life!!
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Tom Brady on showing fans 'a different Tom Brady says it makes him 'cringe' 2 days ago   06:36

The New England Patriots' quarterback discusses life after a disappointing loss, and how he is using the defeat to teach valuable lessons to his children.

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