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Let's make some great, educational color changing water bottles for kids! This DIY project is a safe and inexpensive experiment that makes a great summertime activity. This experiment relies on the scientific properties of water and oil that prevent them from mixing. We will color the water one color and the oil another, and then shake the bottle vigorously to allow the colors to mix. After a short amount of time, the colors will re-separate. Although this experiment is safe, adult supervision is required since it can be messy. We hope you have a lot of fun replicating this activity with your little ones! Let us know in the comments how it went =)
For this experiment you will need Wilton Candy Coloring (oil-based) food coloring. It can be found in Wal-Mart, typically in the party-supply/wedding planning aisle, or the arts and crafts aisle. If you cannot find this coloring in your local stores, you can order it from our Amazon affiliate link here:
Wilton Candy Coloring:

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Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids
Sorry for the re-upload, but the original video had audio issues that needed to be fixed. Thanks for your understanding and hope you guys enjoy the experiment and have fun trying it at home =)
I love your vids your the best
I love your vids your the best
maria buenrostro
I dint now det it gans cólers
Hola Amiguitos
i will do this in my channel
Happy Kids Zone
Awesome. We would love to try it!
The Seeley Squad
We are going to try making these!!
Honey Heart Surprise Toys
Learn Play for Kids
Well done! Great color changing experiment. Will try this with our son over the weekend.
Awesome 💜💜💜
Coci Coci
so cool 😍😍♥️♥️
Sweet Kids
Tino's crazy world
awesome activity 👍👍👍
Awesome 🖤🖤🖤
Gacha Lorie
**puts food color in a water bottle** done
Kids Mind
Its interesting three bottle amazing colors mix
Wow! This is so cool! 😊👍
Super cool ❤️
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¡El Juguete Educativo para Fun Experiment for Kids - Color Changing 2 days ago   12:37

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