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Groovy The Martian
Learn the colors and numbers with our little magic friend Groovy. He will transform into a paint brush and paint with different colors:
Red, like miraculous ladybug or a strawberry.
Orange, like Nemo or the delicious tangerine.
Yellow, like pikachu or bananas.
Green, like our little friend Groovy, hulk or the inside of a kiwi. And broccoli!
Blue, like the baby shark or the blueberries.
And pink! Like Peppa pig or the pitahaya! haha and like Pops!
Learning is so fun!

Groovy The Martian teaches your kids in a funny way: Kids and babies can learn everything about numbers also in this episode! Groovy will transform into numbers:
One... Puppy
Two... Flowers
Three... Monkeys
Four... Penguins
Five... Baby shark
Six... Birds
Seven... Ducks
Eight... Vegetables for healthy kids!
Nine... Cars
Ten... Dinosaurs!
So fun!

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Kids Learn Color Rhymes
Nice video keep it up and a great piece of work. Thank you
Tracy Anderson
Have any one noticed that groove was dark green but he was Lite green!!!
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Groovy The Martian | Learning Road Learn Magic Colors with 2 days ago   48:41

Ready to have fun while you learn!?

Groovy and Phoebe are playing soccer in the garden, they just love playing sports! But Groovy it's a little clumsy and hits the ball away. It crosses the fence of the house and ends on the other side of the road.

Children run after the ball. NO KIDS! You can run so close to the road, it's very dangerous! They'll learn there are some road safety rules they have to follow: look for a crosswalk, wait until traffic light's green for pedestrian, look both sides before crossing and wait until no cars are coming or they have stoped completely.

Once they correctly cross the road and pick up the ball, the traffic light breaks and they can't cross back! What can we do???
Thank god, we have Groovy! He can transform into anything he wants! What should Groovy transform into to cross the road back to their house? Your children will have to help him to choose the right one out of three options.

Educational cartoon for kids in which kids will learn about road safety rules and also they'll have to help Groovy to choose the solution of the problem! Subscribe to our channel to enjoy more educational videos en nursery rhymes song for toddlers

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