Super Mario Maker 2 - 7 - Arin's A NEW SERIES BEGINS! SUPER MARIO 2 days ago   15:44

In which Arin puts it out into the universe that he'll land the role of the screaming zombie

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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Frank Davis
Downvote for Phil Collins.
not thank god nor the abstraction goodness; thank real things, ingrate
nothing goes fast; faster -> swiftlier
weird := fateful -> uncanny := bizarre
darn: knit
was when?
would -> should
Liv A.
Nemo when he touched the boat: 13:03
Sam Crist
Zombie game? MediEvil.
Tugg Nuggets
Bro that music is from super mario galaxy those games were my childhood
Why Arin never land in that platform before the walljump...?
Why does 'Look Cool? Feel Cool!' remind me of the Blast Man stage from MM11?
Nara Guanes
Rewatching this episode after several episodes of toilet princess, knowing that arin doesnt get the zombie part.....
BipolarMew07 !
I’m not suppose to be smoking cigs so wen you said, “Do I smell cigarette smoke” I had a small heart attack lmao
Scott Caldwell
Lit a cigarette at the exact time he mentioned cigarette smoke. Made me look around like sorry lol
Cassidy Sage
I don't know why but everytime Mario dies I hear "Oh bonobo" lol also luv u game grumps
Mochi's Game Hut
Stop labeling this rubberross when it's not even his levels
this is so painful to watch
Cory Mck
*0 days since Arin beat box*
I got an ad for Mario Maker 2 in the middle of this

Y'know, the way the screen goes black every couple of seconds makes this video not a great light source for near-midnight drawing even with my screen at full brightness

For those who are curious, I'm drawing Seam from Deltarune
It Seems like They Like It
Alexander Meleras
Do I hear the Gusty Garden theme??
is Dan not gonna play?
The SuperGoodAdvice
Miss sequalitis
Alight, so we can all agree it's a long jump they need to do right?
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A NEW SERIES BEGINS! SUPER MARIO Super Mario Maker 2 - 7 - Arin's 2 days ago   17:36

I'M PLAYING YOUR LEVELS! If you want me to try your level, tweet to me your level to my Twitter, which can be found here:

My first level: ON/OFF Mini Kaizo: 5TB-8H5-WRG


Mario and Luigi Partners in time - Peach's Castle:

#mariomaker2 #mariomaker #mario

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