Woman Can't Believe She Found Baby Pigeon Rescued by Couple 1 day ago   03:43

The Dodo
When Sharon heard strange noises coming from her bathroom, she never expected to find a tiny baby lorikeet in her ceiling! Watch as the tiny bird goes from being a pink, helpless baby to a beautiful, healthy adult.

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Shay Fiedrich
HEK 293
Just like a polaroid picture.
Epic Roblox
I’m glad she took care of him..with her taking care of him he had a good life😃.... everyone who like the video has soo much love ❤️ in there hearts...
C Kpdx
David Tolentino
beautiful gorgeous GODS creations. your rewards will be in heaven. God bless the woman.
Awwwww good for birdie 😊
149 Dislikes - Wait ! can it be the Pissed off Neighbors from the noise that baby bird made that night ?
Kevin Len
oooooh, I found a meme in the bathroom*
Jyotsna Pohoja
Night Reader
Wow, what a find and cool story.
Praveen Sharma
im sorry but
to be honest
i would not save it
i would just sadly throw it away
im sorry im a bad person
im scared of animals, i gets so scared around animals
Lightning Farron
You shouldn't touch it, the mother will be very worried, you should've put a camera there first to know if the mother comes back
We raised a baby Robin when I was a teenager. It's nest blew out of a tree during a storm. His siblings didn't make it, they died from exposure. As fast as you put food in one end it came out the other. Even taught him to hunt for worms.
fake video
Turin Turambar
He was able to find his way back to your house from the aviary, where he was released, after having been brought there as a blind hatchling? That must be a serious homing sense.
Kayla’s art and craft channel Art channel
I love lorikeets there so pretty. I feed them at my house and they r so cute they sit on my arm and shoulder
Robert Emerson
Such an ugly little thing grew to be gorgeous! So sweet!
Lilet Gacha Ph
I got a parrot too
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Baby Pigeon Rescued by Couple Woman Can't Believe She Found 1 day ago   03:27

Baby Pigeon Rescued by Couple In A Snowstorm | This couple had the cutest surprise guest during a snowstorm.

Footage provided by ViralHog: (https://www.facebook.com/viralhog/)

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