American dies livestreaming in Ukraine 7 FAKE SOLDIERS WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA 5 months ago   06:12

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American dies livestreaming in Ukraine fighting for Donbass with American foreign fighters

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This is Airsoft at a MilsimWest game
Imagine being a dumbass and thinking this isn't airsoft
Irma Grese Ghost
Put your toy guns away and go do the real work stop trying to act hard dumb ass yanks
John Laccohee-Joslin
Perhaps if a few more get killed they may learn to stay out of other peoples country and stop interfering in matters that their government has created by giving money to terrorists.
The people of Dombas asked quite legally via a referendum to be independent from the Kiev Dictatorship, that is the people who took power before being voted in via an election.
America makes a lot of noise about Russia being involved which is an outright lie to start with, but makes no sound when it becomes clear that AMERICANS are involved in something which from the very start is none of their business, and made matters worse by paying a five billion dollar bribe to the neo nazi faction in Ukraine, thats the truth and was confirmed by Victoria Newland in her imfamous phone call.
It is not just the Ukraine that is suffering because of ilegal interference n other sovereign countries, a matter Trump make a lot of speaches about how America is a sovereign country, but fails miserably to apply the same rules to other countries, and the world can bare witness to the effects of their interference.
Harley Smith
Which side did he fight for and how do I join
ReturddL L
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool fake
this is airsoft milsim lol this is not real combat and these arent real soldiers
Sun Son
Fighting for Donbass or against Donbass?
The Tiger ꪜ.
dude wtf thats a fake machine gun
people actually think this is real combat footage?
Oh bullshit!
Eric M
I am pretty sure this is fake because for one these niggas in the middle of a fucking feild getting shot at w no cover . The us don't train us on how to be a decoy.
Nara Ka
They just stood there in an open field walking around like schmucks, no cover at all.
this is airsoft LMFAO
The Falconeer
This is MilSim West lmao
derkommandent Nova
Geo Diver
Why are they fighting with NAZI Ukraine?
ajm corn
Fake hahaha..this fake.
Uhhh you see the muzzle flashes right??? you fucking tards
Roman Melikov
fake fucking video... such a dumb fuck if you think anyone falls for this
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7 FAKE SOLDIERS WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA American dies livestreaming in Ukraine 5 months ago   16:09

We've all met a bullshitter -- the guy who claims he's been in a ton of street fights, or a secret agent. But nothing is worse than the fake war heroes -- dudes who want all of the glory and cool stories of people who served without the actual "risking their lives" part. It's not surprising that those ridiculous, compulsive liars exist. It's surprising that some of them managed to fool the world. Here are 7 Fake Soldiers WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA!


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A former Infantryman, Ryan Berk call out a fake Ranger At Oxford Valley Mall. The guy couldn't answer basic questions that he should've known, he was wearing a CIB with three stars and tried to say he got them all for Iraq and Afghanistan, not possible as you can only get one for both campaigns. Fake ranger was trying his hand at some discounts.

➽ Stolen Valor Fake EOD Outed By Veteran and Cop in Fresno Airport
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Fake Colonel Goes Into Recruiting Office Looking For Free Ride

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She also needs some rank for her uniform.. she might want to pick up some boots while she is at it.

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Video Credit:
Guardian Of Valor Stolen Valor
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Jonathan Dennill


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