American dies livestreaming in Ukraine 7 FAKE SOLDIERS WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA 7 months ago   06:12

özlem ateş
American dies livestreaming in Ukraine fighting for Donbass with American foreign fighters

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Hunter Conner
its fucking milsim lol
Sanja 1Klas
Not real. Its Paintball Match. In real war against Russia or Donbass the Us Soilder will running like the Ukrops Banderashits.
Artem Bohdanko Kazimir
Those men are fighting for rebels and are the rebels are bad…
Its a milsim even with blanks
Антон Борис
The video uploader is a dumb cow for false claims
the storm recorded on a potato
Thank you
Giuseppe Simonetti
We have no buisness there
Sorry not mil sim. I’ve never heard airsoft guns that sound like aks the echo u hear is off the wall. And building
i cant tell what brigade hes with, but if he in fact was fighting FOR donbass, at least he died for a reason. far better than any bullshit america is killing its men and women for.
Gonopol Y
Is it just me or does this seem fake? I’ve never been in combat before, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but the equipment seems outdated and why would they wear black with bright green arm bands? Just doesn’t make sense to me.
theright tap
Anyone who thinks this is fake is fucking retarded these guys are donbass batallion and are natorious for taking on foreign fighters...its hilarious how many ignorant comments there are in here by children. Sorry a American had to die fighting real communists while fattys from all around call his fight fake after a rough jerk off and bouncing on YouTube sorry for the vent but damn guys this is just sad...and yes they do wear all black
1:30 when youre engaged but you gotta pee
Why are us soldiers in Ukraine r they milita men or a special unit no one know about 🤔
Kcd881 Actrosmp2
What are Americans doing there
Zero Six
I guess those 6mm plastic BBs going at 80 meters/second hurt a lot.
Keve Collins
He said fire, no response
Well I'll be damn, I knew this was only a military simulator.
Hulk Demarer
Hahaha that s Milslim event,if you can see they fire with Blank Bullets
This is Airsoft at a MilsimWest game
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7 FAKE SOLDIERS WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA American dies livestreaming in Ukraine 7 months ago   16:09

We've all met a bullshitter -- the guy who claims he's been in a ton of street fights, or a secret agent. But nothing is worse than the fake war heroes -- dudes who want all of the glory and cool stories of people who served without the actual "risking their lives" part. It's not surprising that those ridiculous, compulsive liars exist. It's surprising that some of them managed to fool the world. Here are 7 Fake Soldiers WHO GOT EXPOSED ON CAMERA!


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Guardian Of Valor Stolen Valor
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Jonathan Dennill


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