SuperMega Plays FISHING STAR The Oregon Trail 2 days ago   50:41

We're hitting the fishing hole to see what's biting in the most thrilling video we've ever released.
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Comments 1042 Comments

Canadle Stikk
Im drunk and this seems so amazing to watch. CATCH THOSE FISH MY BROOOOOOSSSSS
Skumo Mcbee
Give a Ryan a fish..
make this a series you cowards
Gold Flower Gamer
That girl in the thumbnail looks utterly distressed by Matt’s presence.
Cierra Howard
Yay! I always love when Florida gets some love (as much love as a mother can give to her child who's a sociopath)
the f o o k e n fish s c r e e m
Kukiemoonstar :3
I wanna marry Ryan! Stop making him sound so yummy to the others
Omar Valladares
Justin has earned my undying love and appreciation. (Not that he needed it.)
Pro Gumbro
“I am the octopus”
pls play more this was really cute 2 watch
Matt please start a reef tank!!!! It's actually not that hard to maintain! I thought it was at first too but I've been going 6 months with no problems!
Dr. Dreidel
Im with Ryan, fuck the ocean
SEA you later!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
29:00 Thank you Justin.
Some Loser
Thanks Muper Sega, im scared of lakes now. (P.s. i was already afraid of the ocean/sea, Ryan we understand you)
I don't know what it is, but I enjoy watching others playing fishing games, but I myself do not enjoy playing them.
Justin deserves a raise
Uli cito
They could’ve just said this video is Fin.
Ya Boi
So uhhh... animal crossing when?
Propane Tank
Please play SEGA Bass Fishing :)
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The Oregon Trail SuperMega Plays FISHING STAR 2 days ago   25:00

We travel our way across The Oregon Trail.
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Intro music by:
Intro animation by:
Outro music: Rainbow Roads - Macross 82-99

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