Mexico Has Its Own Southern Border Crackdown—But Mexico's Immigrant Oasis: Last 2 days ago   06:29

Ever since a caravan of Central American migrants started heading north from Southern Mexico in early April, Presiden​t Trump has used the occasion to accuse the Mexican government​ of doing nothing to prevent migrants from reaching the United States.

But that isn’t true. In the summer of 2014, when record numbers of Central American children and families were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Obama administration pressured Mexico to stop the migrant flow closer to the source: At its own southern border with Guatemala.

Mexico readily complied, deploying unprecedented numbers of immigration agents, police, and military to shut down migrant routes, primarily in the southernmost state of Chiapas. By some measures, the so-called Southern Border Program was successful: In its first two years, immigration arrests in Mexico shot up by 85 percent, according to an analysis by the Washington Office on Latin America.

But four years later, it’s clear that the Southern Border Program has created more problems than it’s solved.

The migrant crisis is far from over, and will continue as long as intense violence, poverty, and political instability push Central Americans to flee their home countries. Instead, the crackdown has pushed migrants onto more remote and dangerous routes, where they’re vulnerable to predatory criminals who rob them — or much worse.

​Those migrants who are apprehended often wind up stuck for months in southern Mexico while they await for their cases to be processed. Many apply for asylum in Mexico, but even they, in many cases, want papers only so they can continue their journeys north undisturbed.

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Mexico has been cracking down on its own southern border since 2014, when it came under pressure from the Obama administration.
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Brent Waits
We could have it so much worse. Mexicans for the most part are not bad people. Imagine being flooded with Muslims like Europe.
Why usa dont invande in central America and solve the problem usa of north and Central America
DT Maes
I agree with President Trump 100%!!!!!!
DudeWithA Laptop
Typically leftists vice fake news
Ah, why is there poop in your mouth
Look how American cops deescalate a situation without firing 15-30 warning shots into a guy. 2:17
Nurlinda F Sihotang
.....i felt sorry for these people. Truly i am. But as someone who goes through the hell on earth because riots and reformed in my country, you CANNOT CHANGE your life without sacrifice and fight for it. NEVER UNDERSTOOD PEOPLE WHO THINK BY FLEEING THEIR COUNTRY IT WILL MAKES THINGS BETTER.
It wont. I've lost family members, being threatened to be murdered because I belong to minorities in my country Indonesia, but i stayed, and fought for better treatment and my rights. And still does. Dont just flee!?. No matter how shitty your country is, it is still home.dont let anybody tell or treated you like it is not. And nothing is like home. Dont be dissillosioned by shiny homes of others. It still theirs and not yours.
Mexico signed the UN pact and they are not doing shit about the illegals coming through MEXICO in route to the US. The Caravan is being paid to invade America.
jdome jd
.... So just to reiterate Mexico really hasn't done anything for us it's only done things for itself. Got it
Felisa Santos
Build a GREAT WALL !!!.. China did make it, can make it too...JUST DO IT!!!..
I feel for that machete wielding Salvie
SM Outdoors
This is a complex issue. We cannot accept these people, but if we turn them away, the world will think of us as horrible human beings. What a Catch 22. If only their government and their societies could build themselves up from within. Talk about geographical luck.
James Evans
Me Too
BS, they let everybody in, AMLO got money from the ONU for that.
Stay there'
Dresden Tulip
The US is made out of immigrants.
Mexico is made out of Mexicans.
The US has to stop acting like its “Americans” are Natives. Everyone in the Us is a pilgrim. The natives didn’t protect their borders, they were nice off the bat- Americans should learn from them.
Melissa Is The best
The USA talks but doesn’t do anything about the border
Greg G
So why doesn't Mexico worry about their Northen border...🤔 I'm sure its because they just have the attitude of "Let the U.S. deal with it."
Javier Channel
At least Mexico is nice to migrants unlike Aka Trump
Music Monkey Red
What's messed up is the only way these illegals can sustain a life in the US is too buy some innocent American citizens adult or child's social security number the people who sale this info to the illegals make allot on money per record they usually gain these records thru schools or government offices like welfare or from these many small medical offices allot of the same race will try hard to get employment at these places because they make allot of money selling personal info it's allways usually a insider at these places that is usually 99% the same race. It happen to my family & we never new it for years it ruined my family & still does.If our government actually gave them money they wouldn't return to there country they would buy there way into America.
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Mexico's Immigrant Oasis: Last Mexico Has Its Own Southern Border Crackdown—But 2 days ago   15:35

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The town of Altar, Sonora, is the last stop for thousands of migrants who plan to illegally cross the border that separates Mexico and the United States in search of a better life. Here, the economy revolves around migration. Along its streets we can find everything from special slippers to avoid detection by motion sensors installed in the Arizona desert, camouflage clothing to avoid being spotted by Border Patrol agents, backpacks, gloves, and even contraceptives for the women — as it is estimated that 80 percent of them will be raped during their journey.

We wanted to know how difficult this crossing is for the migrants. It involves walking across the desert for days on end, abuse at the hands of human traffickers, and being hunted by Border Patrol agents. VICE news visited the Sasabe desert, between Sonora and Arizona, which registers temperatures of up to 120 degrees during the day and drops below 30 degrees at night. In this hellhole, the migrants may run into Father Prisciliano Peraza, a cowboy who apart from delivering mass, also travels through the desert in his pickup truck, dropping off supplies to those attempting to cross the border — to help them avoid meeting their death during the attempt.

Undocumented Immigrant Remains Found in South Texas 'Mass Graves':

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