Samsung Galaxy S10+ - REAL Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: 50+ Tips, 1 day ago   17:30

Finally time to take the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for a real day in the life with T-Mobile. Watch as we test the super steady camera, in display fingerprint reader, power sharing with the Galaxy buds and more! We also test T-Mobile's super fast LTE network, coupled with the snapdragon 855 performance. Lots to talk about here - this is definitely a phone I'm super pumped about.

Learn more about T-Mobile's crazy fast LTE network here:
Find the Galaxy S10+ through TMO here:

This video is sponsored by T-Mobile.

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Quick correction: You CAN record ultra-wide video with super steady turned off. My bad for the mix up guys!
Matthew Bond
Decided to go with the S10 over the plus model. $100 less, but still the same phone, besides a depth sensor and battery. Still takes great photos and still has great battery.
Wide Awake Music !!!
I found that my front camera on my Galaxy Tab s4 is really good for 8 mp. Compared to the 13 mp on the back. Why do i feel confused about this ? Cool video man. I'm subbed now
5 hours and 6 minutes with a battery that big? My iphone Xs Max has almost a 1000 Mah less and gets a solid 6 hours of on screen time.
Mohammed Abujennah
dont know whether to wait for the 5G version or not
Tech Point
this dude is high on T-Mobile
Abdul Hamza
Nice vid. But tmobile sucks. I'm typing in my s10+ and using tmobile
Chinmoy Sharma
CABC - Content Adaptive Brightness Control. Owned by Qualcomm
Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything
Do use battery saving mode on Samsung galaxy s10+
what resoluation do you use it on?
shea Hill
Another excellent video!
Raul M
that battery is not that good with my iPhone x which is a smaller battery I get around 8-9 sometimes close to 10 screen on time. he got like 6?
adis hadzic
Where can i find that wallpaper?
Poor tesla didn't sponsor the channel, so it gets censored.
s12+ probably gonna kill the gopro
Elon Husk
i cannot relate to this tho. never had a real life.
Warrior Jukes
Huawei mate 20 pro pls
I've gotten up to 181 Mbps up and 14.6 down on the s10 plus using att.
T-Mobile is shit
Alexander Genchev
Looking for the wallpaper. Somebody?
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: 50+ Tips, Samsung Galaxy S10+ - REAL 1 day ago   25:01

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are amazing smartphones with full of deep and rich features. So let me share some amazing tips and tricks so that you can enhance the ownership of your Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus.

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