Record snowfall sets Alps Heavy snowfall in parts of mainland 2 days ago   03:27

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Austria and Germany are struggling to cope with the heaviest snowfall in two decades. At least 17 people have died in Alpine regions in the past week. Authorities are warning the risk of avalanches in the mountains is extremely high. Some communities in Bavaria have declared a state of emergency. And Forecasters warn more snow is on its way.


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Chip Foster
Clear case of global warming lol lol lol. It's evolution plain and simple
I'm guessing AL GORE the fraud is on a beautiful warm
Time Keeper
CNN won't be reporting this global warming you know :\
Thomas Sturm
Siddique Akbar
Hey I am Muslim and pray to my God to stop snowfall there inshallah will be stop wait and watch power of my god
Rick Geise
Climate change is real. So-called "global warming" is not! Many human activities are adversely effecting the planet; however, CO2 is not a pollutant. That is patently absurd.
a snowstorm in winter wow who would have known.
Bill W
Time to rid your yowns of unwanted immigrants. Throw them in the river,
Georgy Plocko
Maybe stop living in the Mountains.
Christopher Billionaire
Global warming- ask Al Gore
Global Environmentalist
More snow does not mean man made climate change is not happening and is the world emergency. We can expect wild weather due to the changes in the jet stream.
Emperor Nanase
What causes such a snow chaos?
Climate change?
Sizano Green
I live a bit over one hundred km away and here we barely have snow that stays at all... I see that the heavy snowfall causes many problems but it looks so beautyfull and I would wish for more snow here where I live... here it mostly only looks like a more depressing version of autumn.
And I never walked on snow.
William Vangen
We only have 25 cm of snow here in Oslo. We usually have much more, wish we could have som of your snow.
Mississippi Firefighter
Damn that global warning is kicking in hard ain’t it 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Fried Chicken Now
Good thing for global warming or they would be popsicles.
Aleks Pavlovic
Last two or three years were with the minimal snowfalls in Switzerland, maybe even in Germany. Now this peak! Patterns are not regular, guess why? Climate change!
Kevwe Tony
What happened to global warming
Zaiman Syahzmi
Damn! That's a lot of snowflakes!!!
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Heavy snowfall in parts of mainland Record snowfall sets Alps 2 days ago   04:18

HEAVY SNOWFALL IN parts of mainland Europe has led to serious disruptions and a number of deaths across different countries, with several places cut off and the bad weather expected to persist.

Snow in parts of Austria and southern Germany has been causing widespread issues in recent days. There have also been problems in other parts of Europe, even in Norway’s Arctic Svalbard archipelago.

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