My Dog Throws His Bowl At Me Demanding Waffles! Cute dog - The dog's reaction to the baby 2 days ago   04:16

K'eyush The Stunt Dog
My Dog Throws His Bowl At Me Demanding Waffles! Talking Husky! Key got his dog friendly waffles again at last! Can you tell he was excited?! These are grain, sugar and gluten free, and only an occasional treat, not a meal replacement.

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K'eyush The Stunt Dog
Please note: These are dog friendly waffles I made specifically for him. They are grain, gluten and sugar free. They're also only an occasional treat and not a meal replacement :)
Jessica Wise
He’s too adorable, I bet you’re never bored with him around
Iqra Taylor
This dog is going to die soon.
Beautiful Disgrace
Michael Graystone
British dogs are much easier to understand than their owners.
Lewis Needham
I used to have a waffle eating cat
The cuteness is overwhelming!
Ami J
Very cute dogK'eyush The Stunt Dog hes adorable
Jane Marsee
Smack, chew, chomp. He will be ready to dine with the Queen soon.
Gail Stone
Cuteness overload ❤️
Dislikes are the jealous old dogs that don’t get waffs
This is adorable. My Springer spaniel does the same shit. Right down to tossing the bowl and trying to catch it.
Shawna KokoNut
I love your dog, he is such a ham!
Jonathan Thörn
"tastes like winning" Yeah that's waffles alright!
Anya Taylor
I’ve lived with Huskies for a couple years so I recognize those bow wows, when I was living with huskies I would bow wow back at them. They were trying to howl with the coyotes but didn’t know how to do it properly.
Jangsinliu Kamei
Ua voice is just so cute....😍
I love how the subtitles make you actually hear the words.

Now i want waffles.
shooter4hire shooter4hire
Turtle Man
Awwww so cute
Moontoons Art
This is what makes owning a dog so great! You talk to them, and they talk back, and they smile in a panting sort of way. So cute!
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Cute dog - The dog's reaction to the baby My Dog Throws His Bowl At Me Demanding Waffles! 2 days ago   04:34

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