Egypt now owns largest Solar What If the Sahara Desert Was Covered 1 day ago   02:39

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Egypt is “entering the world of solar energy” after it inaugurated the largest solar power plant in the world early this year. the superpower plant was built in the city of Aswan, southern Egypt. It began supplying the national grid last December.

Worlds largest solar Park Egypt Benban Solar Park

The plant consists of 200,000 solar panels and 780 sun trackers which allow the panels to move and face the sun throughout the day. It generates up to 1.8 gigawatts of power, which is enough to service 20,000 households.

Abaza reiterated that this is the largest solar power plant in the world, noting that his country is heading towards more investment in this kind of power as part of its plans for sustainable development. He also said that solar power energy is better than oil because it is renewable, stressing that the “green economy” is a mechanism to achieve sustainable development.

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Kenyan Nationalist
Wait, only enough to power 20,000 houses? That's terrible. 😂
I have 1W solar power bank
Anyone against renewable clean energy is our enemy.
adam lachguar
Morocco has the biggest solar panel farm in the world
Andrew Villanueva
United states needs to build more solar farms and wind farms. Stop using coal for energy. Simple decision.
R Yarbrough
And we fight about pointless walls in the desert.
Umesh Thorbole
Africa has diamond,history, water,sun,gold,everything.
But only absence of education, Africa lagged behind
Like i u agree💓💓
Atomic Reverend Alexander
How do you know this is a flawed story?
Or as Trump would say fake news?
The EU sponsors it...
Solar is extremely expensive,
Solar uses rare earth minerals
Solar only works when the sun is shining
Solar is only efficient during the summer months and during daylight hours
Solar will not work well in areas like most of Europe or the majority of the USA where cloud cover is a common occurrence
I am not anti renewable resource but if anyone claims that this or wind is the answer to our fossil fuel dependency, they are either lying or they are ill-informed...
This is pure garbage for most of the western world.
thivek s
We can able to make silicone too because they have main raw material sand and heat through sun parabolic heater can able to melt sand... Why waiting...
Seminole Rick
This nonsense of EVERYONE using the same energy source never stops. Whatever is abundant in THAT area SHOULD be the primary source, THEN others to supplement as is needed...imho.
Waterfalls for hydro power...Solar for very sunny areas... coal & oil where abundant.
Indian Nationalist
Mandir banao yaha bhi... Jai shree...!!!
آكل الدهون
No democracy, no progress
Rainbowlemur AJ
Meanwhile America doesn't even bother to invest in clean energy despite the fact that it has deserts that could easily support solar power.
Nathaniel Bradford
This should be Australia achieving this, but due to greedy politicians we are going to be held back
Nobody gives a damn. Theres no difference where you get your energy from.
Muhd Sazali Julkapli
How about build photo energy plant in Sahara desert?.
Enough sunlight hits the Sahara Desert to power the entire world 20 times over. If we can figure out a way to harness and store that energy, we would not need any other power source. In addition, the massive amount of shade provided by the panels would lower the temperatures at the ground and let plant life reclaim much of the desert. As for keeping the panels clean, if you're producing 20 times as much power as the entire world is right now, then you have plenty of excess power to use for self-cleaning systems on the panels themselves. The only thing stopping solar is the lack of storage technology to transport the power.
فهد الشايع
مفروض نجعل الطاقه الشمسيه الخيار الاول حتى فى وجود بدائل ...
واعتقد اننا مؤهلين بقوه لنكون قوه اقتصاديه تقود العالم باذن الله لو جعلنا التركيز على مصادر الطاقه المتجدده واساليب تطويرها و الابداع فيها و كذلك رسم سياسه جديده و خارطه شبيهه بالبترول
Probably take.alot of water to.keep.those solar panels clean with all the dust. And if they do.use water, without any shit added, you would find that the entire area would become a lush grassland under the panels, which if managed properly would see local people grazing their sheep/goats under the panels, well maybe not goats as they might try to jump up on them😋
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What If the Sahara Desert Was Covered Egypt now owns largest Solar 1 day ago   03:31

In a world exhausted of fossil fuels, solar panels can provide a sustainable solution to our energy problems. But they also come with a couple of issues: for one, solar farms are massive, and they have to be set up somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight.

Now, if only we had a large mass of unused land that gets guaranteed sunlight everyday… Could we cover an entire desert in solar panels? Would that be enough to power the entire world? What kind of problems could we run into?

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