Cinematic: "Safe Haven" CLASSIC WOW BETA IS FINALLY HERE! 2 days ago   04:13

World of Warcraft
Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.

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Rich Lee
Haven't played the game in ages. Can Rogue's use stealth during combat now?
Saeed Htc
Make wow great again
Filthy rogues...
did we get a new film from blizzard ?
Petter Mårtensen
Where is Mankrik's wife?
- Not far.
Im still not going to re sub and pay 15 bucks a month... Sorry.
Marcus Gerhardsson
Cinematics getting better and better, the game is getting worse and worse.
john jones
Chuck Norris exists in our plane of existence out of fear of saurfang!! spread the truth... Saurfang demands it
Votso Sothu
60 mins game passed and u are still farming for next game???? SEA carry
3DVision Gamer
"Job's Done"
Please tell me you are releasing this cinematic's music!
Arppa `
omg hulk confirmed for endgame 2
Aung Phyo
Should we protest in front of blizzard building to make a movie?
Lady Auguste
Fahhad Walidd
pls ps4
Erron Black
Noob saibot in Warcraft?
the game doesnt feel right anymore, just waiting for vanilla
Lazy Monk
I quit WoW back when level 80 was a thing. Didn't even realize it was still going. You learn something every day.
Salman Ahmed
A game that was once an epic game is a piece of shithole now .
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CLASSIC WOW BETA IS FINALLY HERE! Cinematic: "Safe Haven" 2 days ago   11:43

Chance gets beta access for Classic WoW! The day is finally here! I will be uploading this in parts to keep the leveling more interesting. Gonna speed the next video up 5-15 then show reactions through dungeons.

If you wanna watch everything you can go watch the VOD at the link right below
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