Every Throw from Kyler Top High School QBs Compete in the Elite 1 day ago   19:04

Every throw from quarterback Kyler Murray at the University of Oklahoma's Pro Day.

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Andre Shelby
Wow dude so smooth
Kirk Radeck
I think he’s a little weak on the deep ball. Very few of his throws are real bombs, and he missed on ones he tried. His intermediate accuracy looks good though. If I were a GM I’d be concerned about his size and he comes off a little cocky.
Houston Texass
Damn, this dude is small af.
rick fedorick
Its gonna be funNY as hell when the Giants second 1st rd. pick is made and Eli is still the qb?    Dallas' fans in stitches. lol
Oscar Arellano
Andre dillard or jawaan tyler
Oscar Arellano
Hey they should draft murry and get hollywood in second round
John Rizzo
No way this guy is 5'10.
Charles P
Zoom out when he throws the ball nitwits. Still amazes me the game of football still uses the same camera work from the 80s but with a half dozen more cameras around a field. Allow the viewer to see an entire play develop! Why do I want to see a zoomed in shot of just the football in flight? It makes no sense!
He reminds me of a more athletic Douge Flutie 🔥🔥🔥
Trevor Smith
bust waiting to happen
Tyrone Scott
Nfl will allways suck.
JB Johnson
Pathetic performance
Jason Johnson
Hear me out....Kyler is the next Russell Wilson hands down...49ers need a pass rusher......however if Cards select Bosa, they should consider selecting Kyler. Jimmy G isn’t proven....and after his injury.....who knows for sure?????? Kyler is too good of an athlete to pass up.
Stan Smith
I wonder which company he will sign a shoe deal with?
Nike needs to put out some sick football player shoes like they did back in the 90s.
Especially since this dude is a 2 sport athlete.
Bo Jackson had his own shoe. Deion Sanders had his own shoe.
Kyler Murray probably will too.
Vision PhysicZ
he should go to the Giants
Mini Mahomes!
Dividend Income
Who else noticed he doesn’t know how to operate under center? No drills from passing hand to hand. That’s concerning
Dez Butz
Daniel Timbs
I don't understand why everybody make such a big deal about some of these throws. " it looks like he can make every throw on the field". Well yeah he's a quarterback. I can make all of those throws and I am 400 pounds. The routes that they asked them to run 4 these passes are extremely easy to put the ball right on their hands especially if you're a professional quarterback and you've been doing it. I'm not a professional quarterback at all but I grew up playing football at the quarterback position with all my buddies and I can sit there and hit every single one of those routes right in the hands. So I shake my head every single time they say that he can make all of the throws unlike other quarterbacks. Every single professional quarterback can make all of those same throws
R_ M
Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but bruh is way too little
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Top High School QBs Compete in the Elite Every Throw from Kyler 1 day ago   19:05

In the second episode of Elite 11 the top high school quarterback's compete in the Elite 11 Pro Day. Watch new episodes of Elite 11 Tuesday's at 10:30pm EST on NFL Network.

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