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Daily Dose of Asmongold
Asmongold is doing it, Mcconnell finally convinced the once again literal god to get rid of the abomination he has on his head..a huge reaction spree to both inspirational and educational videos of balding men was needed to make this happen....

Original Videos from the Try Guys and Steve Austin:

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Never been more thankful I don't have thick body hair and can't grow a full beard, both traits with a strong negative collation with hair loss.
stone cold gold !
Lis Nikoliqi
„You have a best friend who knows how to workout, Esfand“

Esfand is fat lmao what are you talking about
xenomorph6-_ gaming
Anyone else get an ad for hair transplants? XD
As someone who started balding at 18 the best thing to do is just shave your head, the comb over look is worse than being completely bald. But beware, if you shave your head there is a good chance it won’t grow back as thick and as well as it is now. Be glad you can grow a good beard. Chicks love bald men with beards, trust me.
I feel like mccuck is trying to humiliate Asmongold. As soon as he shaves it he will just rip the shit out of him
I hate to say it but it would be a good look. McConnell is getting his guy right.

EDIT: Tyler1 's toxicity makes so much sense now. I took my headphones off IMMEDIATELY. IDK how it could be possible, but I ain't riskin NOTHIN! Hilarious. Must surely be genetic though.

Stone Cold Gold does sound kinda sick.
Neco Harmeggido
its sad his girlfriend was spamming "shower with me" and he didn notice lmao, he is not gonna shower any time soon
Martin Mollinz
10:16 had me in stitches when McConnell can't hold his laugh in anymore. Fuckin' class dude!
You guys know that the try guys are working with buzzfeed right and they are known for consuming soy products?
What a conspiracy :)
"i just went to pick up a salad" soy boy, got damn. just shave ur head pussy. the tech is not here yet.
LOL hes dying for the first 10 mins lmfao
Igor Engelen
Simple analogy, shave it or go for silicon boobs. 😀
Igor Engelen
OMG, that's Nightwish playing there. You just have to shave your head if you play that stuff. It's a confidence thing.
Igor Engelen
Headshape isn't an argument man. It's just like a tattoo, it's a personal thing.
Igor Engelen
Just go for it man. It's a thing in our IT department. Nobody goes for a grandpa head, we just shave it. And that's not just 1 or 2 guys, There's a problem, right, let's get rid off it. No BS.
stone cold gold, stone cold gold, stonE COLD GOLD! STONE COLD GOLD!! STONE COLD GOLD!!!!
if you've been watching asmongold for years you already know he's not gonna shave anything, he's gonna be wearing that shitty comb-over for the rest of his life
Rakesh Punjabi
This guy would be a fucking ghoul. Picture it.. 6"3 rat like face with a shiny bald head.
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Asmongold Receives $500 X-51 ASMONGOLD IS SHAVING HIS HEAD! All Reactions 2 days ago   13:59

After reaching 1 million followers on Twitch Asmongold received a surprise gift from a viewer, the TCG X-51 Nether-Rocket Mount...

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