What Really Happened at UFC 239 (Jorge Jorge Masvidal - 'Gamebred' (Highlight 2 days ago   04:39

Here I will breakdown and analyze the stunning shocker in Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren. Why did Askren react the way he did? What did Masvidal do to set it up? How did the knee land?

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"MGM Grand buffet to the face" - Jorge Masvidal
ref stopped the fight way too early.
After all that posturing, poor bastard, almost as embarrassing as that mcregor tappy cunt!
007 T-5
If you watch it from different angles, he catches his head. His leg skims his head & it follows through to the clavicle!
r Negoro
He just needed to sidestep.
julio luna
Then Steven seagal said "Ben use the double leg" 😂
Δημήτρης Βογιατζάκης
Masvidal = MY MOST HATED fighter in UFC history. Great sportmanship after such a critical blow... Never even cared if you killed Ben or severely damaged him... Sure, maybe he asked for it but still making fun of this brutal K.O. is too much!!! I really hope you don't get something like that in your career even if you deserve it!! Shame on you...
Rain Slay
Jorge "HypeTrain Killer" Masvidal
Shazzie Star
Brutal to watch especially the last blow to the face but love Jorge!!
Isaiah_45_7 WarGamer
It was just a fluke, a lucky knee, who cares- we need a rematch.
Random Stuff
Fuck u ben
Statutory Grape
What really happened? Flying knee to the head. Fight over.
Sweet Cakes
Wow, great analysis, especially the instinct thing. I am learning in this. More power to you😀
Justin Smith
I don’t like the guy because he sat there and pulled the race card on Ben
Guitar Gangsta
thanks for shedding light on WHY Ben made that really bad decision. I totally saw that he saw the flying attak PRIOR to shooting, and i was like WFT? - now that you bring up his wrestling programming it makes sense. Most strikers wouldve at least perried
Arjac Fellhand
That knee to the neck was devastating AF. Didn't a cricket player die a few years ago from a similar blow with the cricket ball to the neck?
mehdi ibrahimi
i donot undrestand why ben askar is in ufc he donot know about mma he isnot belong to ufc
What the hell are u talking about? Dont put false statements. First of all, use slowmo replay and u will see that Askren was already bowing his head and started a levelchange before Masvidal was in the air(still running). Second of all, the knee landed on the right side of Askrens face, glazing his jaw and Askren was out of it before the knee finished of on Askrens neck. Which fight did u see??
ARC strider
Sleep time
Josue Perry
I love how he made the sign of the cross afterwards straight Latino catholic G homie
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Jorge Masvidal - 'Gamebred' (Highlight What Really Happened at UFC 239 (Jorge 2 days ago   03:35

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