SJWs Try to Cancel Dave Chappelle! AMY SCHUMER DEMANDS CHRIS ROCK 1 day ago   19:10

Steven reacts to the left's outrage over Dave Chappelle's new Netflix Special, "Sticks and Stones".

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What do you think the end result of cancel culture will be? Will everyone end up silenced, or do we think things will swing back the other way as more liberals like Chappelle get tired of the censorship?
judd stoned
All the outrage only made me want to watch it even more. Fu€k the alphabet people and the SJW’s. No one cares about your feelings
Joseph Bellemare
I definitely get what you are saying by extending the clip 30-60 seconds in either direction. Now I am no means political, but I notice they( media) try to do that with President Trump's speeches for 1 example.
Christ he/she/It is pissed at Chappelle?
Grow some nuts, grow some tits or maybe increase your intellect and brawn.
Reality is its dog eat dog World. Smile you live in the United States and you're wasting time exhausting it on other people's thoughts.
Keep the fight for freedom going. Hate it, love it, or disregard it. Fight for choice to make your own mind up.
That Dude U Hate
It's impossible to cancel someone who doesn't give a shit. Not only that, but the people who hate it are in the minority. Most people loved the special. The media are trying to create narrative that isn't real. As usual.
Antonio Hill
That shit was funny
Now I've gotta watch the Chappelle special and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna laugh.
All the negative talk about the Dave Chappelle special, made more people watch it. Then they got to see it's some funny shit.
These children were not taught Mark Twain, if they were, they would get this.
Jonathan Talsma
The truth is funny when it's in your face.And it's all the truth.
Esteban Ramirez
Greasers Dave Chappelle in my book I been a fan since the stand ups and the show lmfao Great Review Fck Rotten Tomatoes
How about just fuck all humans. There I said it. Fuck em all including me.
Snow Fox
Facts don’t give a fuck about feelings. lol

I’m bi, love c**k and p*ssy, but I love LGBT jokes. I makes jokes about it all the time, even my own sexuality. Am I homophobic against a part of myself? XD

Leon Phelps
We needed This🙌🏾🙌🏾
Eli Velasquez
Didn't know Dave was a Muslim. I know his sister is, but I never heard him say he was a practicing Muslim
Swedish Dissident
Victim mentality while at the same time controlling the reigns of Censorship means you must be the Oppressor in Sheep's clothing.
Swedish Dissident
People who have been living under communism know that whatever you cannot laugh at and are not allowed to make fun of is the Enemy of freedom, a manifestation of those who Suppress and Rule over you.
Shock Value
Tran. First a man now a woman, tommorrow a dog next year a horse
Miss Cuitepie
She's sorry for what!? What hurt? I'm so sick of these freaking people! I'm done! 🖕 the alphabet people they think they're the only ones who have f****** problems!? The only ones that's been discriminated against? I don't f****** think so you can miss me with this fuckary👋
abdulsalaam designs
Dave Chappell rocks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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AMY SCHUMER DEMANDS CHRIS ROCK SJWs Try to Cancel Dave Chappelle! 1 day ago   05:59

Amy Schumer is now demanding more money for her Netflix special after learning what Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle made for theirs. In an ironic turn too good to be true, she completely disproves the infamous "wage gap". We explain why...

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