Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing Falcon Heavy Kerbal Camera 2 days ago   10:21

Reds Rhetoric
Finally, I got an uninterrupted shot from Launch to Landing of a Falcon Rocket! All footage was tracked by hand.

Cameras: Nikon P1000 & P900
Filmed by: Reds Rhetoric
Date: 4/11/2019
Music Used: Savfk - The Path

Note: Astronomy Live was also filming with his telescope next to me. His telescope is what is making that high tone in the video. To see his footage, click here- https://ufl.ae/videow/sUPPaUNQT6G

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Venkatesh R
Just see how huge those rockets are. Science is amazing. Imagine going to other places in that.
Rigoberto Rivas
en el minuto.. 9:27 al 9:29.......pasan l cohetes por delante del alumbrado eléctrico...... pero como si están de fondo muy lejos de estos cables. y la gente de las lanchas...sin exprecion... soy chileno.....pero no imbécil!! otro cuento mas!!!
Congratulations Reds. Over 1M views, 5,500 comments, 30K thumbs up and closing in on 30K subscribers. Flat earth butt hurt is a beautiful thing
Евгений Касаткин
Факел просто фантастический!
Они что , каждые три дня ракету запускают?
Area85 Restorations
@Reds Rhetoric. I don't want to give your hopes up. I am just gonna ask him. I seriously doubt he will be willing and or able to do this on such short notice. I can try but don't set your hopes too high for the helicopter on my end.
Fake X
Hermoso 😍
Тесты игр и ПК
Просто невероятно
Keith Adams
967 Flattards are FUCKING TRIGGERED!
Mr. Carrolltucky
Now think how accurate nukes are!
Nice, but please, please buy a tripod. Seriously, you splash out over a grand on a camera and then don''t pay for a decent tripod? WTF?
Congrats on 1 million views!!
Мало того я в прямом эфире это смотрел, камера на самой ракете онлайн блядь. Роскосмос привет, смотрите и завидуйте!
Patrick JMA
wow! What NASA Couldn't achieve in more than 50 yrs, Elon did it in less than 20! 😏 smh U.S. government! Go Elon!😆☝
James Brown
last ppta
로켓 착륙 보다 그 긴시간을 카메라로 로켓 추적해서 잡아낸게 더 대단해보임 ㅋㅋㅋ
Alberto Roberto
mais um foguete pro fundo do mar e os retardados aplaudindo .
Jack Trash
Buy a gimbal please
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Falcon Heavy Kerbal Camera Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing 2 days ago   10:15

Our camera crew tossed out an extra camera to record our crew reactions to the FH launch. First try at such shenanigans... we were a little space limited and were more focused on the actual rocket... but Space nerds gonna nerd.

Full Non-crew video:

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