Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing Falcon Heavy STP-2 Launch 1 day ago   10:21

Reds Rhetoric
Finally, I got an uninterrupted shot from Launch to Landing of a Falcon Rocket! All footage was tracked by hand.

Cameras: Nikon P1000 & P900
Filmed by: Reds Rhetoric
Date: 4/11/2019
Music Used: Savfk - The Path

Note: Astronomy Live was also filming with his telescope next to me. His telescope is what is making that high tone in the video. To see his footage, click here- https://ufl.ae/videow/sUPPaUNQT6G

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Mike Castellon
Another fake
Scotchy Scotchy scotch
Should have used digital zoom dude up until they separated. Would have looked much closer (zoomed in more when it got further away)
Yemanebirhan Tadesse
Historical, wow wow, thank you very much, nice vid
So Soothing...
Aware Reis
what is the maximum speed for that rocket inside Earth's atmospheric
tio vegeta
Um dia vou ser um astronalta
John Warnes
That's some good filming right there
Dazzler Atack
how come there was no launch sound>?
Kim Bergeron
That is a m a z I n g.
Holly Molly ! That thing punched straight through the Dome ! Oh wait. There's no such thing.
Basil Brush
1000 flat earthers got their panties in a knot watching this video.
cong dat nguyen
Nibelung Valesti
Why not zoom out a little, for better f-stop/quality, and perspective?
Nibelung Valesti
Majestic phallus.
Demóstenes Ferreira Maia
TERRAPLANISTA por la gloria de Dios
Al Imtiaz
Good camera.
M T U A ieai
vay be adamlar aşmış biz türkler hala patates le soğanla uğraşıyoruz adamlar aşmış uçmuş gitmiş aradaki fark kapanmaz keşke şu ülkeden gidebilsem ya boş boş işlerle uğraşıyoruz burada
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Falcon Heavy STP-2 Launch Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing 1 day ago   13:21

This is the first night launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket. Footage from the P1000 was tracked by hand. Footage from the LX200 was tracked via software and hand controls.

Cameras: Nikon P1000 & P900, LX200 w/ Canon T5i
Filmed by: Reds Rhetoric & Astronomy Live
Date: 6/25/2019
Music Used: Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm)

Astronomy Live's video: https://ufl.ae/videow/tP3cp3AA-lG

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