I'M PREGNANT???? The ultimate VSCO sleepover 1 day ago   11:53

emma chamberlain
so who's coming to my baby shower ...?


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-emma chamberlain

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Yuby De Portillo
Wait a second if you are seven years old why are you driving seven year old kids dont drive emma
Lillian Aiken
are you a mom now ??? at 11 15 19 is todays date are you a mom today
Marshmallow_ Gacha
Baby daddy you
Had a scandal with Damien and end up pregnant and gender girl
Charanda Harrison
Omg so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
bel pet
Lol I'm 21 and still don't want kids ever.

Also pregnant women can have less than 200mg of caffeine a day which is about 12oz coffee according to the American Pregnancy Association... But the studies are all kind of conflicting apparently sooo....
Elaina Lewis
Lexi Lee
The push-up part sent me
Fatime Zejneli
Dad is Ethan Milan
Gender of baby girl
Name lula
ya dawg Reynolds
Ait bet
No Gross
Ethan would be the dad. And boy.
Averycutie Evans
I think it’s a girl lol
Roblox with Jade and Angie
Sorry I’m pretty sure Ethan’s the dad it’s gonna be a girl

And you can drink caffeine
Sue Rebori
Ashlee's iPad
The baby daddy is Ethan Dolan
Who agrees with me?
Cardib Lover
Barney Rubble
Mock mock & mock.. the human fleshy body of existence.. but still it's better than being a skinny weenie grey alien with big black eyes!!
Barney Rubble
Besides. Your baby's daddy is supposed to be me. And yet I have concluded. life is so dangerous and painful. it's not worth the risk of bringing a child again into life for me...!!
Barney Rubble
I was having anxieties till after I started this video and found out you were not pregnant.. one of a kind would have been completely ruined!!
“You guys can not be recording.”

-Random Target Employee 2019
Jacob’s Toy Videos
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The ultimate VSCO sleepover I'M PREGNANT???? 1 day ago   11:35

I invited 7 girls over to have the Ultimate Vsco sleepover!! XoXo.

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