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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Are we in a post-racial society? Do we want to be? Anthony Peterson, an African American, draws from current research and from conversations with his Anglo American grandchildren to address truths about race in 21st century America.

Anthony Peterson is an African American Army brat who calls Hawaii home. He has lived, studied, written about, and taught about cultural and racial realities. He has developed and facilitated diversity training for corporate and church leaders. His degrees in psychology and religious education add to his perspective. Anthony continues work as an educator, writer and editor in Nashville, Tennessee, where he lives with his wife, Laura. They count six children and nine grandchildren.

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Axion Goblin Interests
One Race Human Beings 1 culture Good People 1 house 1 fence 1 town 1 city 1 county 1 state 1 country 1 continent 1 earth 1 star 1 cluster 1 galaxy 1 universe 1 consciousness One Love Friends & Family !!!
Trinitel קרחת קטנה
There's nothing wrong with being children of Noah . Shem Ham or Japheth . all of his children should get along . Because that's what family dose.
Ehh, races do exist, it's just that color isn't connected each individual one. Many races share skin colors.
jim hump
this is another liberal bs push for nonsense. because its the ted propaganda nonsense
Ok but. Certain groups have low IQs. You can't sugarcoat that. Some groups live a decade longer. All people are not the same.
Chukk Rich
Gtfoh I want my 19 minutes back..
Kay Sussex
I still don't believe there is no such thing as race!
Paul Rice
Racism is only a fear of something that you don’t understand. I am afraid of snakes 🐍 and lightning 🌩. All snakes are not dangerous and they do serve a purpose in are community. Lightning 🌩 on the other hand 🖐 is something that is dangerous, but it has changed are lives in countless ways and it put nitrogen in are soil. Education has allowed use to control electricity, a form of lighting that has been Harnessed to benefit man 👨 kind with technology.
I don’t hate snakes 🐍 or lightning 🌩, I understand their purpose.
Judah Rising
99.9% of the people in that room including the speaker probably have college degrees. The problem is Universities set out in most part to prove the Bible to be wrong on some things and right when it comes to some things. The Bible, which no university to this day can now or has in the past proved 1 thing incorrect in its scriptures, as far as history, moral laws, dietary laws ect. The Bible says The most High God made 18 nations of people.
We need more of these in the classrooms. Crazy liberal cunts are so 2010
this is how u think when absence of biblical teaching
your mum is a person your dad is a person, so why does race matter.
Crystal Rose King
Superbly explained ☀️⭐🌟✨💫
Naa'va Soong
Namaste! I am somewhat unique; I am an indigo, empath, introverted intuitive, a starseed and I am also called a REDBONE! This last term is derogative and used by both blacks and whites. It would seem that I don't fit anywhere and often treated with disrespect. Most people don't make any effort to understand how awful this is for me to endure.
Fred Schwentafsky
Wrong....melanin is big.
Fitzroy Armour
Consequences of the scientifically impossible blind faith in the evolution hypothesis which denies the fact that there is only one human race starting from Adam and Eve.
jomax clux
Only racists talk and linger on about race.
Frank Meintjes
Race is not about skin colour it is about culture. stop the lies.
B.J.T. Grass
Chelsey would probably have not liked it if Elsa was green or purple because in every cartoon she watched Elsa was white so I think you read to much in it, just like when there is a actor change in a soap opera series, regular viewers hate it.
eleanor mcallister
He mad it in we’re d. N. A
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Fifty-five, Unemployed, Faking Normal What I am learning from my white 1 day ago   18:25

Millions of Boomers are moving into old age with empty pockets and declining choices to earn a living. Right behind them is a younger generation facing the same challenges. Is a good life on a moderate income even possible? Yes! Find out how. Elizabeth White's TEDx Talk is based on her book Fifty-five, Unemployed, and Faking Normal and you can buy it here on Amazon.https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Five-Unemployed-Faking-Normal-Elizabeth/dp/1530055857

Elizabeth White is a Harvard MBA and former C-suite executive who never expected to be "Fifty-five, Unemployed and Faking Normal." Author of a book by the same name, she has culled wisdom from the dozens of Boomers she's interviewed and hundreds more she's heard from who, despite monumental financial challenges, are finding ways to look beyond the rubble of what happened to thinking about and putting together the best possible plan B.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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