This Guy Collects Artwork From Cult Leader Thinks He's 1 day ago   04:13

In the rarified world of hardcore art collectors, William Harder is not a household name. Yet he owns one of the largest collections of one-of-a-kind work in the world -- the vast majority of it created by convicted murderers, rapists, and serial killers.

"I've just always had this interest in people killing each other and I don't know why," Harder says. "Even when I was little, I was fascinated with the Freddy Krueger's and the Jason Voorhees. As an adult, I'm not as into that as I am the [Charles] Manson's and the [Richard] Ramirez's."

Harder started writing letters to Manson and Ramirez in the early aughts, long after their killing sprees had ended. He started to visit them in prison, and eventually became friends with both. He started writing, visiting, and building up similar friendships with a ton of other perhaps less well-known, but equally (if not more) ghastly, characters.

And he has artwork and memorabilia from all of them, which he loves to show off. Harder even runs a website called, a sort of eBay for this so-called "murderbilia." While he says that most of the stuff on the site isn't his, he acts as a self-styled broker for the small, but fervent community of people who collect.

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CloutMuzik Beats
Thunderman Dead End Scribes
What’s his grandmother’s name?
Dark Paranormal Hunter
grandmother threw marriage down the road, not his first real grandma. Hes just trying to hype it up
Joseph Charles Colin - The NEW FACE of Art
I wear Warpaint & put it on Canvas....But Sorry I'm not a Killer
Jason Bent
Craziest fact of our society:

Someone rapes and murders boys and girls, slaughters families, eats them, etc

People wear their faces on shirts, find it “Cool”, or “edgy”, write them, pose for photos with these savages and documentaries are made over how fascinating of a hobby this is.

Someone says a racial or homophobic slur, or holds a racist point of view.

Fire them. Deplatform them. Bankrupt them. Make certain nobody hires them and their lives are ruined.

You cannot associate with them at all lest you get painted similarly and face the same punishment.

Ask yourself why it’s fascinating to collect Gacy paintings or wear John Gacy’s face on a shirt.

Now ask what you’d say if someone wore a Chris Cantwell t shirt or wanted a selfie with say Richard Spencer.

No politics at all.

But why is this ok?

Why do we have a world where people are #teamchris over Chris Watts, a man who murdered his innocent baby girls and wife and we don’t seek to ruin the lives of those who find Chris “dreamy” or awesome nor do we shame them. We just shrug and say well some people are weird or some people like “true crime” and that’s that.

But if those same people said they thought Richard Spencer was alright we’d seek to shame them publicly over such a thought.

You wouldn’t see anyone justify how anyone could think Richard Spencer is ok but we do see people justifying why it’s ok to think Gacy or Manson were cool or why you can have a hobby of finding a Chris Watts fascinating.

I shouldn’t have to add but sadly I do so I’m not arguing for either extreme.

But murdering and raping children is worse than racism or sexism.

It just is. So no, I’m not saying Cantwell of another Vice doc is an alright guy but is he worse than John Wayne Gacy?

If someone wore a John Wayne Gacy t shirt in public nobody would beat them or deny them service.

I don’t think someone wearing a Chris Cantwell t shirt with a MAGA hat could go a day without someone cursing them, telling them to leave or worse if possible.

Why is this?

Why can you wear a child rapist murdering persons face on a shirt and get less heat than a hat with campaign slogan of a president?

Isn’t that at least odd or as weird as some being “fans” of serial killers?
Mickey D
Johnny Depp does the same shit! Collects all sorts of art and paintings from killer's etc...
Robin Cassidy RN
This art collector isn't enforcing the crimes, he loves their artistic side.They put up photos of the KKK in the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas which certainly was controversial and extremely sensitive. But, hearing the artist, Vincent Valdez's thoughts as to why he created it, changed my mind.
serial killers honestly are artists; they have different visions and perspectives towards life no others have
Polite Cat
this guy is nuts... he uses norton antivirus on his computer!
Gideon Webb
Daniel A
"24 people online" - Big demographic.. lol
Vanta Music
What a twist!
Ninja Graphics
Baker 1982
We all know why people kill. It’s can be sexual, anger, hate, power and control over someone. List goes on. This is not a healthy collection.
Jairo Santamaria
Isn’t William bonin the freeway killer? Who is Gregory miley
Sorta Hungry
Slick putting fresno on the map
GMS LA - Yashayah
Brian Fromps
i wouldnt entertain this energy...
cernat5150 in the LORDS army
its not hard to understand,, you , they need jesus,,, wow you like attention thats all , shocking people,
Art is Art no matter who made it.
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