Renewable Energy in India - Targets China Leaving United States 9 months ago   18:48

Dr. Manishika Jain in this lectures explains the renewable energy in India and targets for 2022.
India - 11th Largest Economy & 4th Largest in Purchasing Power
Power Scenario in India Installed – 263.66 GW & Renewable Energy – 34.35 GW
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Ministry has launched one of world’s largest and most ambitious programs on renewable energy
3,700 MW are powered by renewable energy sources
Rural Electrification by 2012 for 1 lakh villages
Energy Sources - India
57% by Coal - Mainly Central & NE India
1/3rd from renewable energy – mainly hydropower
Next to HEP is Natural Gas
Energy from water
Major Rainfall Areas: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram & west coast between Mumbai and Mahe
Small HEP: Upto 25 MW – Identified Potential Sites 4096
Renovation and modernization
Development and up-gradation of water mills
Industry based research and development
Largest Hydroelectricity Producer Countries
China: 652.846 TWh
Canada: 369.539 TWh
Brazil: 363.304 TWh
USA: 250.916 TWh
Russia: 167.271 TWh
Countries with Highest Electricity generation from HEP
China: 1,066.1 TWh/year
Brazil: 411.2 TWh/year
Canada: 376.7 TWh/year
USA: 251.2 TWh/year
Solar Energy
B/w Tropic of Cancer & Equator, average annual temperature that ranges from 25°C – 27.5 °C
Photovoltaic Cells – Low Energy Factor, No Moving Parts
Mirrors or parabolic dishes – concentrate lights
Installed capacity: 3744 MW as of 2015
Capacity: Gujarat GT Rajasthan GT MP

Installed Solar Power Capacity Countries
Germany: 35.736 GW
China: 18.528 GW
Italy: 17.861 GW
Japan: 13.947 GW
USA: 12.035 GW
Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission
Launched on 2010
Target to deploy 20,000 MW of grid connected solar power by 2022
Ecological Sustainable Growth
To achieve 15 million sq. meters solar thermal collector area by 2017 & 20 million by 2022.
To deploy 20 million solar lighting systems for rural areas by 2022
Concentrated Solar Power
Uses only Direct Normal Radiation fraction of solar radiation & solar heat for steam generation and finally electricity production.
Started by JNNSM
Solar Water Heaters
Domestic Use

World Potential Renewable Energy @1:40
Power Scenario India @3:14
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) @4:05
Energy Sources – India @4:35
HEP @4:56
Largest Hydroelectricity Producer Countries @6:31
Countries with Highest Electricity Generation from HEP @6:40
Solar Energy @6:59
Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission @8:45
Applications @9:41
Concentrated Solar Power @10:03
13 States: Solar Policy Supporting Grid MNRE Connected Rooftop Systems @10:51
17 Solar Parks Approved – 12,579 MN @11:07
Wind Energy @11:39
Largest Wind Power Producing Countries @12:33
Biomass Energy @12:51
Biomass Energy Sources @13:56
Tidal Power @14:09
Wave Power @14:56
Geothermal Energy @15:19
Targets 2022 @16:12
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency @17:43
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$160 billion needed in next 7 years until 2022 at an average of $23 billion per year
Goal is four times of India’s annual defense spending & over 10 times India’s annual spending on health and education.
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency
Income tax breaks
Accelerated depreciation
Custom duty/duty free import concessions
Capital/Interest subsidy
Incentives for Detailed Project Reports DPR and feasibility reports
100% income tax exemption for any continuous block of power for 10 years in the first 15 years of operations
Accelerated 100% depreciation on specified renewable energy-based devices
Accelerated depreciation of 80 percent in the first year of operations
Interest rate subsidies to promote commercialization of new technology

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Gujarat has the highest wind potential
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Indians are poor and backward. They only have 12GW of Solar power vs China that has 78 GW.
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China Leaving United States Renewable Energy in India - Targets 9 months ago   14:54

Richard Engel looks at how countries like India are pushing for a greener future, and China is leading the way in wind and solar manufacturing and the jobs that come with it, while Donald Trump holds the U.S. back with a focus on coal.
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China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC

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