SHOPPING at Designer Stores AS A HOMELESS Poor Vs Rich Restaurant Prank 1 day ago   17:03

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Aaliyah Goodwin
The only reason there saying it’s on sale is because u keep asking what’s the price or is everything in the store expensive like sit the fuck down
Aaliyah Goodwin
Air forces is not no 13 dollars
Bre & Lauren
I would’ve liked the video more if you would’ve went back into the store you went into when you were homeless looking or if you would’ve actually bought the highest thing in the stores you went into to show them to no judge based off appearance.
Jammmi Lindo
Ddg u need to challenge cm so cool in a one v one
Evade Trouse
I subscribed
June Tea
im glad he went to a different store because I wouldn't wanna spend my money after being treated like shit , just to prove someone wrong.
Mike s
Good morning. My people cast your net in that water and when you pull it up from that River or ocean, where there is only a few fish but if you believe if we truly believe in him when we pulled that net up from that water we will have fish for days. So what I'm saying is this if we lose our faith then we will lose our way ,but if we believe in the father and his son he will always make a way Even in our Darkest Day his light will always shine. Go with God in your heart and Jesus at your side love peace and happiness. Follow me on Facebook the path of Peace TV also on YouTube typing this> thepathofpeacetv please like share and subscribe. By Mike August 21st 2019 2:04 a.m.
Tyrese Lynch
You know what would be cool if u go in looking ordinary, the u pull a iced out Rolex out your pocket and put it on
Big Gucci
You can only afford that stuff cuz of us lmao
Christopher Jackson
Hold up majority of the people in the U.S. dress regular "Homeless" and u have celebrities dress regular they dont have to buy louie V and Gucci and whatnot u have very successful people sometimes dress like that. And are u dressing homeless with shorts Some forces and a chain on with a watch thats not even homeless dude thats just regular income my G
Ddg probably the freshest homeless nigga with them forces💦 no homo
andon angel
Hey bro you loves racks why you dissn racks 😆
WolfKing 018
Did this wrong 🤦‍♂️
Anaya Prude
The only thing that look homeless is his hair
50,000 subscribers with 1 video
What homeless person has a iPhone X???
Giakobre Bre
Where is that ?
Tyquan Bryant
I subscribed bro... that was a cool video way to look out for our people out here that may look like they can’t afford it but can and the ones that really can’t, just to get a perspective on how you should be treated even if you can’t afford the material things you see and may like and want💯
Drew Grierson
12:20 what’s the song
Hides lady’s face in video but shows it in the thumbnail 🤦🏾‍♂️
You flex the same 2 watches and 1 car in every video and ig post🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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Poor Vs Rich Restaurant Prank SHOPPING at Designer Stores AS A HOMELESS 1 day ago   03:41


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