Just Be Yourself My Terrible Mouth Accident 1 day ago   09:12

Just be yourself yo

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I didnt this time cuz i uh... couldnt find a good one

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Hewwo Itz Mia O 3 O
~~~~My life in a nutshell~~~~

Me:I think I should start being myself, I don’t deserve fake friends.
Anxiety:Wanna team?
Depression:Sure, I’ll start making her cut herself
Danny Playz0
Why did it have to be a coin
Fire animates
UHHHHHH? intensifies
Emily Murrey
what if
you have surrounded yourself around these people so much
that in the end run you just forget who you are entirely???
Maybe i went true this and maybe i figert out that when you like sade in the video, just don't give a fuck. And (not sade in the video but it works😂) open your rude mouth when they are also rude to you. You be oke in just a month. Thing is it toke me 4 years tot figer that out😂😅
ocean full of memes
im now speaking for everyone if a say that i had the exact same situation only and the first school thx for the advice it really helps
Sam Bridges
Donkeys... DONKEYS! DONKEYS!!!!!!!!
Roland G
Being myself could get me arrested....
Ismael CG
Its jist like your song im something else
GachaJenny Kitty

F=respect right???.?..?.
Natalie Davidson
Who else watches Jaiden animations my name is Jayden
Sharon Davila
best videos I could watch.
Natalie Davidson
Me:wanna here something funny
Me:I have depression and low self-esteem
Yui_Darkness 1
I don't want to be myself. My myself is liar. It's the worst myself in the world.. Like i have really... Serious illnes. And i would like to don't have it. I don't like my body or my character which is really specific you know? I would like to be of popular. I want someday drink alcohol but i can't bc i can die. Funny? Yeah. I'm just liar who is scared of everything. And i'm lazy so... Sometimes is good to be something else.
Andrea Cubing
Who even disliked this lol
karine castillo
being yourself is mad
Martha Robles
Martha Robles
#respect Adams music
Senpai Artz UwU
If I be myself everyone would hate me cause I’m weird kid and I just be like not say anything
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My Terrible Mouth Accident Just Be Yourself 1 day ago   07:01

That time I royally messed up my teeth when I was three years old!

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