Just Be Yourself Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ) 2 days ago   09:12

Just be yourself yo

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I didnt this time cuz i uh... couldnt find a good one

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Jiggly Puff
Undead Rakdos
What is the coin?
Billy Boy
Ya but I have social anxiety and have 3 friends (in my entire life) and is really weird and I feel as if I just be someone else I’ll be okay
Rylee Rucker
I'm black
Luna Artz
This video changed me a lot. My friend had cancer and she didn't have hair anymore. I was thinking of shaving my hair off for her, but i thought about what everyone at school might think of me. I was already self conscious about my appearance, so i decided not to do it.I still love her, though. I just wasn't ready to shave my head. I guess i didn't realize it would grow back in a few months. I watched this video a few weeks ago and finally decided to just go for it. I shaved my hair off. It was hard, but i adjusted to this new hairstyle overtime. I was made fun of in school, but a lot of people were fascinated. I told them about my friend and how i did this for her. I have made a lot friends. Now my hair is staring to grow back. Unfortunately, my friend has passed away. I'm writing this because I'm grateful for this video. It has boosted my self confidence and i feel a lot better about myself. Thank you.
people cant control if they have a di** either
AMG Blue
been there. called them the "fatties" 3 ice cream sandwiches a day.. for real...
Emilia Toler
Love ur music
Grant and Shea Coffman
One thing that's weird about me is that I can never take complements...

Guy: Hey, I like your art!
Me: * Slowly walks away*
Guy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
gatcha pon mochi
My leg is numb
Emily Kim
My truth:

I wish I can reach out to Adam and everyone else that are going through peer pressure and bullying
Emma O
4:27 *plays flute of Harry Potter then gives up*


Evil Patrick
can someone help me please im going into high school next year and im scared. im not smart and i get bullied all the time. someone please give me advice im scared.
eazy e
Adam: Oh frick
Big: coin: !
Adam: oh no
Big coin: your going to get BIG COINED
Alex Andrade
-Nexusniku- - -
YaY sOme One like me I'm mixed
It's honestly the most hilarious thing when he makes the demonetization attack him in videos
Jayden Beckemeyer
Demonization beat the shi- OH NO NOT THIS AGAIN
Blue_ Wolf
i WiLl EaT yOuR eGgOs
I can realte when I was in kindergarten I was shy had no friends and the only friends I had was TOXIC all the way up to now and I am even friends with a girl who made fun of me when I was younger and I am more confident but I am scared because my friends are TOXIC now and I am too scared to stop being friends with them because I don’t want to hurt there feelings and I don’t want to be alone because I am the weirdest kid at my school and everyone is self centred I need to survive next year till high school and I am in year 5. I need your help
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Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ) Just Be Yourself 2 days ago   11:54

Yes...I know i know...I'm actually scared of something (that isn't the ocean). Here's what it is...and here's how I conquered it.


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tomppabeats summer festival
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Hitman by Kevin Macleod

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