Eating Cookies With My Breast DIY COOKIE SHOT GLASSES! 2 days ago   20:26

Colleen Ballinger
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Wolfie Gamer
I messed up sorry
Wolfie Gamer
I thought I'll tell me one that did that with the Top Ramen
Fiesta Potato
I think it was very sweet because of all the sugar she is consuming.
It really does affect the output, even your urine. ( Not talking bout taste more like smell or color ) LOL
Valerie Casiti
Dry ramen noodles are delicious 🤤
Kayla Punch
I always eat ramon raw lol not a thing ok
Aimee Zing
Did we grow up in the same house? 🤣 Same food choices haha
Jackie Renstrom
I do the noodle thing 😳😂
Groovy Scarlet Groovy
I’ve had 4 hours sleep and you made me happy and Flynn of course
Samara Singh
I am twelve years old and I flipping love Werthers ❤️❤️❤️lol love you guys
Harry Potter Crafts
“You are just the sweetest person ever, now, you WILL DRINK MY BREASTMILK”

-Colleen Ballinger 2019
Mohammad Uddin
Sahra H
This just got weird
Sahra H
In Islam Ro is now Miranda’s child 🤣
Evelyn Cervantes
Where is Colleen looking at? In the thumbnail? 😂
Cristian Felix
I use to eat ramen that way too still do!
sameer bhatia
Literally I also eat raw ramen it is great
Jayda Chircop
Dry noodles are the best I have them at school all the time
Corinne Zimmerman
I was in my bedroom and the door was open and when we heard Colleen scream YOU SPILLED MY BREAST MILK! my dog thought I called her and came running up the hallway!
Corinne Zimmerman
Where are the champagne glasses
Molly Beachfoot
Anybody else counting how many times she said Hello and with the song?
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DIY COOKIE SHOT GLASSES! Eating Cookies With My Breast 2 days ago   06:24


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