A rare look inside Iran, Kamal Kharazi: 'Iran has the right 1 day ago   17:05

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Iran marks the 40th anniversary on Monday of the popular uprising that led to the fall of the monarchy and the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, when the Ayatollah Khomenei became Iran's political and spiritual leader. Today, Iran is a society trying to find a balance between the religious tenets of the revolution and the demands of a young population that is hungry for social and political change. Our reporter brings us a rare look inside Iran.

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Ozair Kazi
can't you just... stop... fighting?
It is time for this religious dictatorship to fall. Now with irans economy being at a all time low, hopefully more and more Iranians will realise how bad irans government actually is. Prioritizing funding for terrorist groups rather then investing in iran itself, for example.
Metro Mmdk
FAKE ISLAM🌹😂😂😂😂😂🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹GARBAGE🌹🌹🌻🌻🌻😁😁💐💐
Isbat ul kareem
If thy cover their body, how those men enjoy their lust...thts y thy f8 against it by using women r8....i beleive in freedom bt its should be limited..thts y when we see in west thy r fully naked ...r they raise up or degrade the women??
Isbat ul kareem
If freedom is nt there how thy can sing n walk in street ...how thy can talk against their gvt.?? West plz dnt bait or incite their ppl against their gvt.
Unfortunate their ppl r blind by the west
Isbat ul kareem
U r r8...thy against our islamization...wht about westernization?...this west slowly, slowly take our religion n culture frm us n killing our beleif like in turkey....thy obliged us to think n doubt over our beleif....using our innocent women thy just entertained....its nthing but satanic culture...
Jonas Ark
Is that it? They killed Iranian scientists last time u "went over the limit" in 1981 is this a joke? I mean u took a tanker. Woah. Hold on mate u say they sanction u. u spend over 15 billion on defence. Ur ppl need u and the best u can conjure up is stealin a tanker? Resign before u get shot.
The moment you can understand Persian fluently but you also hear English translator speak at the same time. lol I wish the Translators shut up and put subtitle instead. I get distracted when I can understand both languages speak over each other.
Truth First
its terrible to see westerns thinking the regime is kind of OK, when they are the most corrupt and oppressive government in the middle east
One of the saddest things to happen to any country is called Islam. One of the saddest things in a human beings life is organized religion. Nothing is more deceptive and paralyzing to ones soul than religion. “One who believes deceives, the one who perceives receives” - sinkiy
men men
Regime change
men men
Abolhussein Amiri
islam is a satanic cult, created by the child rapist mohammad and the sooner it is eradicated from the face for the earth, the better it will be for ALL HUMANITY
Asperge Bloempot
I heat the islamic republic javid shah
Arjan singh
Islamic cleric talking abt west destroying their culture. Is he talking about Arabs that destroyed Persian culture?
Cyrus the great
As an Iranian Persian, I would like to see a day where all these Mullah or Ayatollahs are removed and punished for their crimes against Iranian people. Ayatollahs are not Iranian descendants, they're Arab descendants Lebanese for the most part, who hate Iranian culture, tradition and names. Islam has no place in Iran. DOWN WITH ISLAM. FREE IRAN FROM TOXIC AND CANCER CALLED ISLAM.
Iran is conquered by Arab culture.
Actually, Travel vloggers are doing a better job than all of you.
The western media always try to show the negative side of the country. .. the intention is to distract the mind of youth from the spirit of revolution. .... but it can't be so....
Hazrat Moohumad
Spineless Iranian cowards, lets see how their gay men will fight against other nations on ground rather through proxy which their gay mentality loves. Death to to Iran Inchallah!!!
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Kamal Kharazi: 'Iran has the right A rare look inside Iran, 1 day ago   25:41

It has been 40 years since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in a revolution that saw his rule replaced with the Islamic Republic.

On Talk to Al Jazeera, we speak to Kamal Kharazi, a former foreign minister, ambassador to the United Nations and a leading voice on the principles of the Islamic Republic. He was also a military spokesman during the Iran-Iraq War, with a central role in Iranian state media.

Kharazi is now chairman of Iran's Strategic Council for Foreign Relations and foreign policy adviser to the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

So, 40 years on, has the revolution achieved its goals of resisting Western interference and righting social injustices?

And how is Iran overcoming the challenges of the US withdrawal from the nuclear disarmament deal, the imposition of tougher sanctions, and heightened tensions in the region?

The US's withdrawal from the nuclear deal, or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was the cause of much consternation, and a number of European signatory countries have vowed to work to keep it alive without the US.

Kharazi says the success of those efforts relies ultimately on European nations and their willingness to act independently of Washington's threats of penalties and sanctions.

However, even European partners who want to stay in the nuclear deal have raised concerns about Iran's ballistic missile programme - especially after a number of missile tests and the unveiling of the new Dezful ballistic missile - fears Kharazi says were unfounded.

He adds that Iran has every right to enhance its defence strategy and that there was no truth in accusations that it was "destabilising the region".

"There are many enemies and they have all kinds of different armaments," says Kharazi. "Those who have developed terrorist groups and have tried to topple existing governments... those are the [some] bodies who have destabilised the region."

"We have tried to keep the status quo by fighting against terrorism in Iraq and Syria, which were defended by the help of Iran. Therefore, Iran has been a stabilising factor, not the destabilising factor," he continues.

On the current relationship between Iran and the US and whether he sees a potential for improved dealings, Kharazi says this is in the hands of the US policymakers.

"There is animosity between Iran and the United States," says Kharazi. "They're using all their instruments to put pressure on Iran."

"They have to change their policies. They have to come up with a new policy. Unfortunately, the United States is trying to materialise financial imperialism. If, in the past, imperialism was dependent on arms and wars, today Americans are dependent on financial instruments," Kharazi said.

Closer to home, regional tensions were discussed. On the GCC blockade and how it affects his country, Kharazi said Iran is unhappy with the way the political impasse has progressed.

"We are not happy that disputes are developing in the region," he said. "That does not help the development of security and peace in the region. We are ready to talk to everyone in the region, even Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates... all other parties. And we believe, eventually, that is the final solution. Out of intervention of foreign countries. If we sit together and talk to each other for the benefit of the region, I believe something will come out of that."

Asked if Iran had been able to reach the goals set forth by the Iranian Revolution 40 years ago, Kharazi says that, although not everything may have been achieved, great improvements have been made.

"I don't think that all the aims of the revolution have been achieved, but there has been a great development in Iran," he said. "What is most important is that all of these [developments] have happened without the support of foreigners. It has been based on self-reliance, by the resources that we have internally. That is why Iran is inspiring."

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