INSANE Apple Leaks! The Future $995 Louis Vuitton AirPods..Bad 2 days ago   22:18

The BIGGEST Apple Leaks So Far! iPhone SE 2 (2019), MagSafe iPhones, TONS of iPhone Leaks, 5NM Chips Possible, 3NM 2022 & SO Much More! + iOS 12.3 Beta 2 Full Review.

Last Apple Leaks.

PERFECT W1 Pairing Fake AirPods.

iPhone 11 Everything We Know.

16-in MacBook Concept.

iOS 12.2 Funny Bug.

Please Don't Juul.

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I am so sorry regarding the flashing images in the video, need to figure out the issue. I gave my iMac Pro away to render higher quality stuff so was editing on my MacBook Pro and not sure if Final cut caused it or the 3D modeling program. Won't happen again I promise!
Chris F
Just curious how much was the land? Im still renting and very low income but would like to buy too someday
Anthony Tong
Why is there seven frickin ads???
Sooo first its a battle for the thinnest phone, now there going to the thicker side😂 not buying another iphone unless i get another good deal paid $350 For a new iPhone Xr🤙🏽
Destiny Barron
I don’t like how thick it is
David Colegrove
"EVERYBODY copies apple" is this guy nuts it's more like apple copies samsung.
Jadon Newton
This is all pretty cool and game changing , my favorite is the magnetic charger design BUT this will just make using wired headphones even harder to use so how would you used ear buds with this design. This new information is all impresive in a couple of years I won't recognize the iPhone X but my question still stands so it would be awesome if you could answer my question. Great channel love what you do and if you could answer my question it would be awesome please and thank you
pengfei sun
what makes you say that huawei will no dought leave a back door on the phone? huawei has been selling products to a lot of countries for decades and i have never heard of any report saying that huawei leaves a backdoor. if you have any evidence of huawei doing evil things please say it in your video, to back up your opion. otherwise what you said about huawei is groundless.
Gucci Mayo
“i bOuGT sOmE LaNd!” Under a bridge, where homeless people live....great job asshole @everythingapplepro
Gucci Mayo
What’s your policy on homeless people living on “your land”??
NTG some thing new
Wt hapend to your hand
India is one of the fastest growing economy’s. I’ve been there in the city’s, people are literally rich
Emiliano Limon
Yayyy I'm ur fav but come one air pods
Rams Hacks
Are you still using the Galaxy S10 Plus as your main phone because that is the worlds best phone insane 12gb of ram im a phone with 500gb of storage and soon 14gb of ram i wish apple can add more ram it sucks they are only using 4gb of ram
i use the iphone SE. i really hope apple comes out with the SE 2 for a lower price because they need a budget phone badly. i hate all these 6+ inch phones because i have small hands. i dream of it having a headphone jack but that probably wont happen
At 0:10 is that the Huawei logo?
BUsTer FAn :D
Can I get Max’s phone number I’m really big in the Apple future
snehanjan shome
In India the iPhone costs $1500, would you pay for a 1500 USD phone? Apple needs to address this issue. There are enough takers, by volume, India could wash out the American and Canadian markets.

If Samsung 1000 USD phones are doing this well, there is no other reason why iphones aren't selling as much.
Dadang Ismana
Will it support 5g this year?
Noel Sanchez
Those 3 cameras look so stupid. Switching to android next year 😂😂
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$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods..Bad INSANE Apple Leaks! The Future 2 days ago   11:01

$995 Louis Vuitton Horizon AirPods are a bad idea, but Justin Tse paid $1500 CAD and sent me his pair! I review the wireless LV bluetooth earbuds with a comparison to $4 Fake i7TWS AirPods and $159 official Apple AirPods!

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