How to Make Racing Car for Kids Very Fast Mechanical Mini 1 day ago   04:31

Sdik Rof - creativity
Hello friends welcome to my channel in this video we learn how to make a Racing car with help of plywood and 12v DC motor kids can make her own car with help of this video.
Material - 12V DC Motor (30 kg Torque, 600 RPM ) , Plastic chair , Plywood , Aluminum Sheets , Screw , Metal Pipe , PVC Pipe , Wheel

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Sharavanaprakash Singaravelan
How much was Total expanse? Motor cost battery cost?
Akhand technical
How to make this one
Krishna Phukon
Very nice car for kids
Pratyax Jain
Pleasl my help l have this car pleas you have contacted number shared
Gopal Khandare
battry kitane volt ki hai
What is this, the nazi mobile?
Amala Amala
Sony Mon
From where does we get motors
Kane O
i'm lost for words. nice work .
Simran Khan
wow 😓😱
Saadath Unnisa
What is the name of that thing which you have put at the front of the motor but the car is so nice and easy to make
Levent Edepli
you should put a brake pedal a speed meter a speed controller and a gas pedal
Vilas Kamble
Faiyaz Shaikh
How Many RPM motor you used
Ranju Devi
Sk Motiullah
it is really great
unique duniya
Very good yaar
it can pull 30 kg
technical world
What is the name of wheel
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Very Fast Mechanical Mini How to Make Racing Car for Kids 1 day ago   05:33

This is speed challenge of simplest electromagnetic train 1.5V (compared with super clockwork mini car). Best performance is 4:40
※ In this video's Lithium battery has safety holes for gas. ※ Symbol of Φ is magnets diameter. ※Friction = advantage about friction
The standard written on the battery in this video is Alkaline (AA LR6 1.5V), Lithium (AA L91 FR6 1.5V)

【Run outside the coil】

【How to make】

【1st model - 12 million views】

This electromagnetic train is made of neodymium magnets (super strong magnets), copper wire and a dry cell battery.

【My YouTube

【Structure and How to make】

It's possible to get such power using a dry battery, neodymium magnets (super strong magnets which plated with metal) and some bare copper wires.
A point is that a magnet's diameter is bigger than a dry cell battery's diameter.
And an electric current flows to a coil through a neodymium magnets, and a coil will be an electromagnet only in an area between the magnet and the magnet.
The electromagnet and a neodymium magnet poles repel each other at one side.
The other side poles pull against each other.
They work same direction, and it become a big force.
The phenomenon also continues at a movement destination.

※Another important point is magnets direction
(e.g.) NS battery SN

How about making this World's simplest electric train.

Thank you for watching Very Fast Mechanical Mini Car (choro-Q) vs Simplest Electromagnetic Train

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