Here's How Much Money My Cheap THIS is why the Cheap Salvage Corvette 1 day ago   23:19

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move maker bigdog
Your a beast
mj fitz
That’s one dope car
mike scott
More content with the cheap Lamborghini please bud
Wow what a true example of how stupid people can be financially the guy and almost all of you don't even realize that u need to account the time he spent on the car im sure he spent like 1000+ hours on it and he could have just been working for 15-50$/hr for those 1000 hours and made 15-50k..... people really need to educate themselves financially the school system has failed us and most of our parents have aswell.
Don Jarvis
Wow! Always loved Lambo's. Will never buy one after this nightmare.
Louis Holland
We want see Videos of Building of car Guarantee get million hits. Are you an Mechanic?
I'll just leave this here:
Mad props for this build Tavarish. You have the skills, nothing dodgy here. Will be watching in the future.
Who is your Daddy and what does he do?
So what happened to all the "up coming things" that you were going to do with the lambo?! I want to see it race!
Some people are actually good.
Maxwell Shore
Glove box handle is still missing , i enjoyed watching the rebuild . Good job man
Beni Zeka
quick question, I need to rebuild a car and was wondering what site you used to buy those parts for your car that you needed?
David Howells
What was in the glove box ????
Sydney Shore
Fuck it I subbed, awesome attitude about issues with cars makes me feel wayyyy better about my cars....
Christopher Sewell
I need a lawyer
Christopher Sewell
My asshole parents mother father put power of attorney on to me
Johnny Munro
What about labour
Well done. Can any mechanic work on Lambo like this guy?? How does he know so much about Lambo? It looks like he rebuilt the car from ground up pretty much. Two thumps up!
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THIS is why the Cheap Salvage Corvette Here's How Much Money My Cheap 1 day ago   14:42

GM/Chevy Diagnostic Tool that Fixed the Vette:

Favorite Mid-Range Diagnostic Scanner ($2xx):

Get the Same Manuals the Dealership Uses CHEAP:

Email Me: [email protected]

Song Used: Peyruis "Reveur"

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