Free energy , Transistor solar How to make a Mini Refrigerator ( Low cost 1 day ago   04:24

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Free energy , Transistor solar cell, how to make solar cell from transistor 2017

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UmerRaza Raza
In your every video you are not speaking
Liviu Siefke
What kind of Glue are you using in your videos? Can you help me with a name for it?
Not fake, I done similar experiment 50 years ago with some bad 2SB26 power transistors. Bad transistor with any one of the PN junction intact can function as a solar cell, but the amount of electrical power generated are very limited.
Rana Das
এর মধ্যে মিউজিক দেয়া টা ভুল
Rubesh Kumar
Good luck
devarakonda srinivas
It is real r. Fake
There is so of fake on YouTube that we know more only to believe
Rodrigo Carreira
any 3055 encapsulated works
Kenh Tu Che Tao
What Transistor? please tell me
advanced tech alien
it is very bad video
Ny Noeun
Aizle Mae PIcaña
where i can buy transistor?
kumar shiv shankar
good luck
zakir awanTV nowshera
hoang quy dao tran
bn nen ket noi nhieu transistor dong dien se lon hon
Randy Wong
Is the transistor defected one or still working type?
Hiralal Yadav
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How to make a Mini Refrigerator ( Low cost Free energy , Transistor solar 1 day ago   10:16

Today I am going to show how to make a mini Refrigerator by using a Peltier module and few Parts.I used a Peltier which can cool and hot two opposite surface.It is 12 volt 6A.Two heat sink with cooling fans,12v 6A dc power supply,thermocol ,magnet etc.

Thank you for watching .

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