Khabib's father forgives McGregor Floyd Mayweather Talks $1 Billion 2 days ago   01:14

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UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov's father says he forgives Khabib's notorious rival Connor McGregor because that's what Islam preaches. #khabibnurmagomedov #connormcgregor #mma #khabib

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That's a real Muslim
Señor Zaius
Religion has no place in the modern scientific world. Period.
anonymous with facts
khabib vs conor
winner=both the fanbase via khabibs father ☺
True honour right here brothers
runners runners
McGregor should become a muslim with his beard, think of the perks he will get, free time to pray which others don't get, free rights and prieveledges. And media perks for doing wrong things and celebrated for your wrong doings. Brilliant
Hey please take this seriously. All have sinned and greatly offended the holy God of the Bible, the just punishment is death and then hell. There is hope though, God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered and died on the cross paying for the sins we have committed in His own life's blood. Jesus is the perfect and only sacrifice God will accept. You must repent and turn from your sin and trust alone in Jesus to be forgiven and receive the free gift of eternal life in heaven with Christ in glory. Jesus rose from the dead and is our only living hope. Trust in Him today.
Michael Keys
that just proves Connors sleeping with Dana white
cenk yilmaz
Selam from turkey
Sam Ahmed
This is our manner and respect. Love to my brothers and sisters from Dagestan
sohaib ahmed
McGregor will always be douche bag
أحبك دانيال كل الحمد لله
Good man Alhamdulilah
Never Unprepared
Turkish Punisher
Tbh,i dont think Connor gives a single f*ck about this.
it's javeD
Live long Islam Insha'Allah
Rayyan Habib
That’s humanity
That’s what all religions, let alone Islam teaches us
Jahid Zaman
Khabib best😍
rounaque perween
Mashallah....this is what Islam teaches us
Hair Loss
But we People of Indian Occupied Kashmir will never forgive Indians. We live knock them down at every stage
Deepanshu Singh
The religion of Peace is saving itself from getting destroyed.
Neutral Bruh
Great, this puts ufc to shame
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Floyd Mayweather Talks $1 Billion Khabib's father forgives McGregor 2 days ago   03:18

Will Floyd Mayweather step into the octagon? Mayweather gives Kevin Hart the low down on a future with the UFC and shares his thoughts about former opponent Conor McGregor.

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