I'm concerned about JoJo Siwa HAIRDRESSER REACTS TO JOJO SIWA 2 days ago   11:53

Ryan Trahan
jojo please blink twice if ur going on tour
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HIDDEN COMMENT: wait is she going on tour

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Taylor Mora
Jimmys laugh isn’t fake, he’s just that annoying 😂
well i cant whear one of thos bows
Kristian Filipovic
The jazz band has more talent than her🤦🏽‍♂️
Kristian Filipovic
Holy crap I swear Justin is a better alien than this girl
Kristian Filipovic
I hate what she did to the car and also beamers are the mortorbikes bimers are the car
Kristian Filipovic
JOJO.......SIWA...........SUcKs I want her to get snapped by thanos and not come back
Khera Fox
Title: I'm concerned for jojo siwa
Me: me to sis me. To.
Pray For KyoAni
Yea I have jojo merch

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure that is.
cassiano fernandes
Yup hate the car
Joelle Patching
I’ve never watched jojo Siwa and I never want to and I never new her real name but now I’m sad because she has the same name as me, I thought I was unique lol
camilla howell
I got a jojo virussssssss
Gghost Blue Gamer
There would be no dislikes on this video if it was age restricted.....
Genevieve Miller
Also I want to know if she will get to the age of 40 and still look like that but like with less hair.
Genevieve Miller
Um hi I would just like to say jojo... I don’t like your car either. And I will buy you an elephant, so that you will (try and get more famous from it). And then so you will keep the elephant and put it in your garage not thinking and then when your least expecting it. I will crawl out of that elephant. Because it will be a robot elephant. And then I will dis wire your car crawl back into my robot elephant and stomp on your car. And then I will ride my robotic elephant off into the sunset like a cowboi because who gets the chance to do that.
Kiran Kaur
Oh mah gawd
Imagine seeing Morgz and Jojo together
It would be a screaming hell
Molly Rosenbrook
“Lovely reusable water bottle..”
Vsco girls.....
“ThAt iS a HyDrO fLaSk!!! SKskSkSkSkSk Anna oop- SKskSkSkSkSk anna oop- SKskSkSkSkSk”
Scarlet Yakes
I hate the car too
Lizzy Klupfel
Burn it? Hah more like burn her with it...-_-
Carolina Soria
HeR PeoPlE
Carolina Soria
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HAIRDRESSER REACTS TO JOJO SIWA I'm concerned about JoJo Siwa 2 days ago   11:59

I truly love JOJO! She's blond so her hairline will never be that thick looking. It ain't her fault.
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