America's cocaine habit fueled China's secret internment camps 1 day ago   06:36

And it's destroying Guatemala and Honduras.

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Today, the US is facing a migration crisis on its southern border with Mexico. Thousands of people from Central America, especially Guatemala and Honduras, are fleeing their home countries, taking a dangerous journey north through Mexico, and claiming asylum in the US. How did this crisis begin? Much of it can be traced back to the 1970s cocaine trade. Cocaine, which is mostly produced in Colombia, used to be shipped by boat and plane across the Caribbean. But in the 80s and 90s, the US cracked down on this route, so traffickers started shipping their drugs through Central America and over land to Mexico. That created a violent and competitive turf war between gangs and organizations in Guatemala and Honduras, and after the governments cracked down, violence only increased, forcing people to flee, often to the US.

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Muhammad Moiz
Why not legalize it?
Bubby Zack
What about Chile and Argentina those two nations have the Andes in them
teddy c
Puritanical ideals and repressive cultural socialization are the real killers.
Raulito Gabriel P
¿pa qué andan quitando a presidentes pues? Jacobo Arbez Guzman quería ayudar a la gente y ustedes lo quitaron, Guatemala sería diferente si no hubieran intervenido.
Just legalise cocaine like alcohol. This will end smuggling and gangs in central America and reduce migration.
T-Rex Hunter
We are also the ones who destabilize the governments of Central America and allowed drug cartels to take power from power void. We did this during Cold War when the Central America country’s were trying to do some socialism and we allowed brutal dictatorship to form instead of what people wanted. Don’t believe me look into the banana republics.
Matthew Mesa
Thank you for addressing the general immigration problem and why it exists. And can we all just admit that money is a disease as much as it is a necessity?
Larissa Moraes
I have cocaine to sell.
Ayeye Brazorf
Umpteen examples of how the war on drugs has caused worldwide death and misery. Far beyond its promised "solutions". Ending the war on drugs would like improve the world economy and boost the world peace with a true renaissance for most developing countries which are currently run by violent drug cartels.
Antony Varela
Our Honduran dictator is the biggest drug dealer of all times.
Roderick Smith
Mmmm cocaine
Cassandra Lynne Rose Sullinger
Funny how every picture you see of the caravans coming to the border, they're all men. Or men who stole a child to help get into our country - traffickers. The women and children thing is very exaggerated.
BlueStarGaming 2017
If the war on drugs never happend there will be no imigrants crisis at central america, no violence and deaths to other countries like Guatemala and Honduras. The US should make it a health problem like Portugal for the user
Victor Rios
I'm all for flooding the market with cocaine laced with cyanide. Killing off cocaine users is a win for everyone.
Heartwork By Kitty
"A go fast boat"
He hehe
But on a more serious note
Legalize and tax
The literal definition of “you played yourself”
just make drugs legal or something idk
Anthony Capitan
You cut off supply, drug consumption goes down. Look at what happened when the U.S. super meth labs were shut down. Meth consumption and the crime rate plummeted. But now it's made in Mexico. If there's a good use for the U.S. military, this is it. Of course, the Mexican and U.S. governments are bought, so that's not going to happen.
What’s worse is that our own government is the one who helped get the USA population hooked on cocaine.
Eddie nieto
Forgot El Salvador they start the Mara gangs in Central America right
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China's secret internment camps America's cocaine habit fueled 1 day ago   09:24

...and the internet detectives working to find them.

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China has been quietly detaining its population of Uighurs, the country’s Muslim minority, in internment camps. First-hand accounts from inside the camps paint a brutal picture of torture and political indoctrination. At first, China denied the existence of these camps and tried to cover them up. But as a network of academics and activists uncovered evidence of the camps' locations, and the reality of what’s going on inside, China changed its story.

Read more about about China’s crackdown on Muslims from Sigal Samuel on Vox:

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