America's cocaine habit fueled Inside Mexico's Drug Labs 2 days ago   06:36

And it's destroying Guatemala and Honduras.

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Today, the US is facing a migration crisis on its southern border with Mexico. Thousands of people from Central America, especially Guatemala and Honduras, are fleeing their home countries, taking a dangerous journey north through Mexico, and claiming asylum in the US. How did this crisis begin? Much of it can be traced back to the 1970s cocaine trade. Cocaine, which is mostly produced in Colombia, used to be shipped by boat and plane across the Caribbean. But in the 80s and 90s, the US cracked down on this route, so traffickers started shipping their drugs through Central America and over land to Mexico. That created a violent and competitive turf war between gangs and organizations in Guatemala and Honduras, and after the governments cracked down, violence only increased, forcing people to flee, often to the US.

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addicted gamer
The War on Drugs should be classified as part of the War on Terror because a lot of the major cartels like the Zetas are pretty much terrorist organizations
I support both illegal immigration and oppose the war on drugs so let it happen.
George Abraham
If only all that cocaine where fertilizer.... Anyone handing out fertilizer? The migrants needs to grow stuff.. and Oranges... Nice juicy sweet Oranges.
And the government buys most of it !
Oh and Dont forget Escobar was a informant...
United State of Zionism
Who fault it is ?
ike eki
this is sad and frustrating.
Eric Anderson
Brilliant. Seriously? that game kicks my butt after 3 tries.
Prateek Arora
Most justified title. I was thinking exactly this before 'actually' reading the title.
I dont think American government actually wants the drug problem to be solved. "War on drugs", the emphasis is not on drugs, its on the word WAR, more chaos more demand for weapon more military spending.
I swear sometimes it feels the last 100 years of American foreign policy and drug policy is just that meme of a guy throwing a stick in his own bike spokes and then blaming the “communists,” “illegals,” etc.
ShotsFired andMissed
Looks like the Americans must really love their cocaine
Jyotiraditya Satpathy
Ricardo Lemus
just legilize cocaine
If you increase the punishment of using cocaine to let say a minimum of 20 years without probation, won't it solve the problem?
doug godfrey
Where there is a ton of. $ dollars $ - there will be a ton of drugs.
Mizanul Haque
What happened to Johnny?
Vox Atlas, never stop.
Genesis Adams
As a Honduran myself it makes me so sad to see how my country has been destroyed 💔 it’s a place I once loved but would never go back.
soid drone slayer
I once heard a quote that if America accuses our nation (Mexico & Colombia) of being drug pushers then we accuse America of being a nation of drug addicts. Their is alof of truth to this on both sides.
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Inside Mexico's Drug Labs America's cocaine habit fueled 2 days ago   22:46

In this Sky News special report, one of Mexico's most infamous cartels gives correspondent Stuart Ramsay unprecedented access to its industrial-scale drug labs.

Across the country, gangs are profiting from the insatiable appetite for illegal drugs like crack cocaine and methamphetamine from neighbouring America and, further afield, Europe.

It's a billion dollar a year industry - and virtually all walks of life are involved.

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