Renewable energy from offshore How do Wind Turbines work ? 1 day ago   07:33

InfineonTechnologies - Energy means life: It heats houses, powers cars and lights megacities. The global appetite for energy is voracious, while resources are dwindling.
One third of the energy consumed worldwide is electricity and the trend is rising. The name of the key energy source of the future is energy efficiency. Optimal electricity use is achieved by harnessing smart semiconductor technology: Innovative chip solutions fine-tune cars, industrial plants, consumer and household electronics to use less energy. And smart meters permit evaluation of every kilowatt hour with to-the-minute accuracy, helping to save electricity.
The future of Wind Energy can be identified in offshore areas worldwide. Looking just at the North- and Baltic Sea, around 30 offshore wind farms are planned to come up in the next few years.
Tomorrow's electricity grids will be smart
The electricity grids of the future will feed themselves locally from wind, sun and water. However peaks and troughs are inevitable. Smart grids will control the power supply and demand thus ensuring a reliable flow of current.
Employing Infineon's innovative semiconductor solutions means that electricity comes from the socket with low losses. Our power electronics transmit energy from the power station to the consumer efficiently, over thousands of kilometers.

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Felipe Ninja
[Awesome Plan Here >>> ] It has just right information regarding solar electricity- its fundamental and how to size and install a system. Anyone with a little technical background can understand and follow easily. It illustrates real world solar electric design.*
Jose Lorenzo Colon
excellent information for the generation of energy, we have to take the individualized energy generation, I have helped this technology thanks to this my residence is completely independent in its energy
I love how big business and companies think they have to make the technology huge if quantum mechanics has taught me anything you don't need a huge system to get large amounts of power out you just need efficiency. If you made a generator or motor best off of the domino effect you could easily get more efficient generators and motors
Egor Biletskiy
You can find perfect idea for that on Avasva Solutions website.
Shantay Madison
I know Avasva has the best online plans ever
Tesla was right
The answer is nuclear powerplants. Korea has 23 working ones, and there will be 40 of them, with UUC coal plants to be added. Infineon does not make high performance devices, just car related stuff. Nuclear powerplants are also required for the survival of the nation, that is, making nuclear bombs if there is no other choice. Cruise missiles and SRBMs are already made and fielded here.
Anthony Maiorana
The materials used to manufacture these windmills blades are still based in refining and cracking of petroleum. Not completely green yet. 
Wind energy is already available at reasonable rate. We just need to cut initial cost of it.
Sanjo Santaniel
soon all energy that we use all over the world will be came from renewable I just hope that the government wont put higher tax for this or we will surely pay more than we are today..
Patricia Salvales
Renewable energy from offshore wind farms! if all nations all over the world would do the same as this.. we wont experience power interruptions anymore... great!
Ajumal Sirajudeen
if dc method of power transmission is much more efficient in such applications, isnt it better, if the power production is also in dc, other than ac?? why use an inverter, if its easier to produce electricity in dc itself, like using a split ring commutator instead of a slip ring.. its methinking.. and i sometimes think out loud..:p
Hi Hemonth,
Thank you very much for your question. With DC Transmission a higher level of energy efficiency can be achieved (less losses), however it is suitable only for point to point transmission.
The Disadvantage of CD transmission is that the voltage level cannot be converted, as transformers work only with AC.
In a classical distribution network AC is the technology of choice.
I hope we could answer your questions. If you need more info please contact us again.
Your Infineon Team
i learned that dc transmission is less efficient than ac and dc require more substation fr transmission and it also requires conductors of big crossections than ac.. but hear in this video you are telling that dc is more feasible than ac transmission... can you explain me how?
potalky lenard
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John Carraway
It's inconceivable that you are telling the truth. Have you done any comparisons? The weight of the HAWT blades is obviously much more than that of a VAWT helical blade, or one of the many other variants of VAWT blades, which accept wind from any direction. VAWT generators can be mounted on a platform on the tower, the same as a HAWT generator. I presume that "much larger rotor mass per swept area" means that the VAWT blades are not supported at their tops: Put them in a cage for top support.
Dear John,
VAWT are quite popular for small scale wind turbines, but they are rarely seen in high power applications. The market of large scale wind turbines has been dominated by HAWT for more than three decades and there is no indication that there is a change upcoming. One major drawback of VAWT compared to HAWT is the much larger rotor mass per swept area. Therefore it is doubted that they can be cost-competitive. Best regards Infineon Web Team
John Carraway
Excellent video, but why are you still using HAWT's? Everyone knows that VAWT's are much more efficient, and are easier to maintain and repair.
Ох уж эти нимци :D
what's your point?
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How do Wind Turbines work ? Renewable energy from offshore 1 day ago   05:29

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Working of a wind turbine is illustrated in this video with the help of animation. The topic covered are blade design, use of brake, velocity sensor, yawing mechanism, blade tilting, wind turbine efficiency and Betz's limit.

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