How to make Roller Skate Shoes How to Ride Jetts! 8 months ago   05:09

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List of Material
- Shoes
- Plywood
- Ball Bearing
- Cast Iron Pipe
- Rubber
- Pipe Saddle Clamp

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How to Ride Jetts! How to make Roller Skate Shoes 8 months ago   02:30

How to ride Jetts from Razor! Watch the full video for a complete tutorial on how to ride the new Razor Jetts!

Always wear appropriate safety equipment. Exercise caution and common sense – do not assume you can easily to everything you may see on a video, because all trick or aggressive riding takes practice and involves increased risks. Always check local laws regarding use of electric-powered products.

- Safety Tips (:15)
- Changing Your Spark Pads (:43)
- Step 1: Strap Down (:57)
- Step 2: Find Your Balance (1:13)
- Step 3: Step and Roll (1:33)
- How to Stop (1:52)
- How to Spark (1:58)

Position your feet: One foot in front of the other (dominant foot in front position.) Practice lifting your toes to feel the balance point of the wheels.

Give it a try
Step, set, then push off & roll (lift your toes.)

Use your front foot. Lift your toes higher so that the spark pads come in contact with the surface.

For more information about Jetts and to download the owners manual visit:

For a chance to WIN Razor Rides, use the hashtag #RideRazor when posting about your Razor stories on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! #RideRazor winners are selected monthly. More details about the #RideRazor contest here:

FOLLOW US @RazorWorldwide:

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