Google Fuchsia OS could change Huawei's OS BETTER Than Android!? 1 day ago   06:04

You've probably heard of Google Fuchsia OS, and the Fuchsia OS vs Android debate, but what if Fuchsia is not what we thought it was...?
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Shubham Lal
Chrome OS won't be able to replace Windows or Mac either!! Google can rather build things by working together with other biggies
Johannes Götzen
Which language? Java?
BenJi Whoever
Those tube clocks are sick!
“We’re going to be better than macOS & Windows”

Amoolya Garg
link to the protoptype please
Methadone Kill Me Slowly
American drama...!!!
Fuck with ur Android And OS...???
as long can be use/work to make a call and sms I'm fine With My old Nokia 3310 phones,simple!
Hamad Al Marri
google now tries to compete with itself, seems not enough competitors
SR Ghost
Mrwhosetheboss=Fake News.
There goes my hopes for it to take down Windows 10
daraka 1
Graphics are not that smooth as Android 9 or Android Q
Cess Phenor
Nathan Tankersley
This is the future arm is so much more powerful per watt than x86 desktops are already dying eventually mobile systems will run on all devices it makes it easier for everyone and can run on anything being able to give u massive performance with tiny little sips of power look no further than switch it’s a 15 watt chip and it’s almost as powerful as Xbox one which sucks 400 watts of power when you really think about that it is mind boggling a 15 watt chip running stuff that a 400 watt chip run it’s the amazing power of arm being a new modern efficient process and x86 being ancient and extremely inefficient in the next ten years Mac iOS windows android will all be purely arm based the current big fat intel chips will be gone everything will be arm and we will benefit massively anything that runs on windows or Mac will run on iOS and android games apps etc etc it’s amazing to think about even home consoles if they are still around will be arm based like switch because a modern arm chip with a bunch of cores unlocked to run at say even 100 watts would absolutely destroy any x86 chip running at the same power level
mark twain
Not open source = no thanks.
The Finger Of Scorn
Fuschia = Genisys from Terminator
The OS look strong, but fuchsia name is weak, can't even spell it
Anthony Nelson
All these new features from Google and Apple are available for free in Linux. Huawei is the future.
I hate the word "fuchsia".
Kashif Munir
Fushia is skynet.
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Huawei's OS BETTER Than Android!? Google Fuchsia OS could change 1 day ago   08:18

Huawei's OS BETTER Than Google Android!? With Huawei's recent blacklisting / ban from the US, they have decided to go all out to get their operating system HongMeng OS, Oak OS or Ark OS (many names at this point!) ready for the launch of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the flagship which should drop around October! This video is everything you need to know! Would you give it a go? Would you leave Android or iOS? Let me know your early thoughts!

#HuaweiHongMengOS #Huawei #HuaweiArkOS

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