THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Ending OCULUS (2013) Ending + Lasser 1 day ago   20:54

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In the supernatural thriller, The Autopsy of Jane doe a father and son team (Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox) are tasked with uncovering the cause of death behind a mysterious unidentified body. As they dig deeper into her body, they mysteries only deepen, leading to a surprising truth behind who Jane is. Breaking down the story, the clues that reveal Janes identity, explaining the ending and some important thematic elements.

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nipples your getting demonetizedddddd
Satyam Kumar
God allah save me.... I'm terrified.. I'm only a teen
Jane Doe
□-○ ...don't search up your name on YouTube
How about part 2 the autopsy witch project 👻
• Weeb •
I thought it said John Doe
Prequel of Jane being turned into a Witch!?
Sequel of Jane exacting her revenge!?
Both in one!?
Would like more of this universe :)
e g
i feel so bad for that poor girl ngl, like she FELT all that bs and didnt have a human way to cope. :(
Mannan iqbal
This is like a quick way to watch a movie
So I’m confused on how the cloth got in her body? Also how did she get all those internal injuries to her lungs and heart? And did the village people break her wrists and ankles or did Jane Doe do that to herself? I’ve watched this video twice to see if I missed it and I’m still confused lol
Toasted Butter
They should’ve realized that by taking apart her body the sealing spell was in her skin binding her body. By removing her skin which had the incantations in it they were destroying the spell releasing her.
Martin X
Where is Geralt when we need him the most?
This is not an ending explained. Its an entire summary of the entire movie.. lol come on man
6:15 u kind of forgot to blur that one out
Jobanny Cruz
Great movie!!!
To kill her the brain has to be destroyed or cut into multiple tissue and scattered
Tyrus Potts
Surprised he didnt talk about the scene after the sheriff said to get her body out of his town. Ambulance crashed and her body gone
I hope this is only the beginning
golden gun
*m i the only one who despite of so much horror and thriller just focusing on how hot and sexy and attractive her body is*
Sans Gamer
roblox aint just full of exploiters
Imidasui Xerodam
That wouldn't happen if they vaccinated the body with holy water! (yeah I'll do that)
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OCULUS (2013) Ending + Lasser THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Ending 1 day ago   21:14

Ending Explained and analysis for the reality bending horror film Oculus starring Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy). Learn all about the mysterious Lasser Glass, breaking down the twisty story, and explaining what happens in the end.

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