RANDOM SKIN Spin The WHEEL Fortnite Battle *BINGO* Wager 2 days ago   32:22

Today in #Fortnite #Creative we do a RANDOM SKIN spin the wheel challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale! We use a wheel to choose the skins!
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Owen Hodson-Holden
Raider , raiders revenge which is the pick axe to renegade raiders
Owen Hodson-Holden
It called Ariel assault trooper from season 1 to get this skin you had to get up to a certain level I think it was level 15 and then you had to buy it in the shop for one thousand 2 hundred also in season 1for levels you could get the mako glider , recon expert , renegade
RadkhaRaddish RR
Love u crainer!!!
lynsey daly
Runic has squad leader it was a fudging battle pass skin
Dominic Francisco
Crainer why didn’t u get the scoped AR for the blue sniper?
Miguel Ruiz Jr
Miguel Ruiz Jr
Miguel Ruiz Jr
khloe foster
Dominic Francisco
Why didn’t you get the scoped AR
Dominic Francisco
Mailedy Lopez
Runic trashcan
Crainer every time u play a game with runic target him all the time
Marlys Greenhalgh
You stink
Arthur Oum
this video is 1 day before my birthday and I'll predict the future in one word, mommy
James Williams
James Williams
Strawops is a purple skin a
Prathyanga Murali
Wyatt Waits
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Fortnite Battle *BINGO* Wager RANDOM SKIN Spin The WHEEL 2 days ago   20:01

Welcome to the Bingo 1V1 Wager match in Fortnite!
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