RANDOM SKIN Spin The WHEEL 100 Player Lachlan Says In Fortnite! 1 day ago   32:22

Today in #Fortnite #Creative we do a RANDOM SKIN spin the wheel challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale! We use a wheel to choose the skins!
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Emily Mason
Ssundee has renegade raider but u still have helmet boiii
Emily Mason
The video starts at 4:00
Boom Brains
Runic: I don't wear girl skins.
Says this whilst wearing a girl skin
Sasha Chinzete
Crainer is better
lenoar clark
allie mason
ANarcHY_ DrOp
This is Logan Paul
He has 700 hp

1 like = 1 hp press the drift in the top left for x5
Mitha Khatun
For 🔫 pistol you could have got revolver
arhur hage
When u miss spell wheel
Cyber Netic
Cyber Netic
Runik titan
Homework pencil
duane speck
I like your video
Gameing With bob
Code T5G
Alexis Aldape
Michael Gardner
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albert santangelo
Cringle is the best
Shazia Kanwal
Skylar Spencer
season 1
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100 Player Lachlan Says In Fortnite! RANDOM SKIN Spin The WHEEL 1 day ago   22:35

Today we hit up custom matchmaking for a 100 player game of Lachlan says.
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