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Scott Waldron
Here is a DIY setup for on-site photo/video backup and editing. You can even print with this! In this video I show three different USB OTG cables with a SD card reader, a USB drive, and a portable hard drive. I use a LG X Power phone as the backup device.

Here is Scott Bell Visuals DIY alternative to my DIY setup:

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Camera Rover
Good information in this video Scott. I use a similar card reader that connects to my iPad nowadays. Lightroom or Snapseed for editing.
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MyPassport Pro, Gnarbox, LumaFusion, Photo Backup Editing Device 2 days ago   08:47

I had tons of footage to sift through to come up with a 2-3 minute video. This seemed like a perfect test for my WD MyPassport Pro wifi drive. I talk about my frustrations and my thoughts about moving to Gnarbox 2.0!

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