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Jochen Bader's Karmann Ghia RS is one of a kind. It's part Volkswagen, part Porsche and a whole lot of fun. He took the sporty body of a 1970 Karmann Ghia and pumped it full of Porsche technology. The result is a Ghia with an output of 321 horsepower and a top speed of more than 300 kilometers an hour.

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Živorad Nedeljković
!! Bringe it back in production !!!!
Scott Thompson
That is a gorgeous car and truly a Wolfe in sheep’s clothing. Love it.
Cristian Villanueva
Was delivering packages and i saw one of the lil beauties i was so close to putting money down for one of these
John Douglas
Incredible! Love it!
Gary Button
The ultimate sleeper!
Walter Palmer
A winner. Produce it; there’ll be takers.
Terence devlin
I want to buy that car
Yah!! Zas est got!!
Charles Foster
Very nice job. I can see and appreciate the many hours and dollars that it took to build this magnificent Karmann Ghia. Most people do not realize that the Karmann Ghia front fenders are soldered to the body as one piece. This is the main reason that a new 1971 Karmann Ghia sold for over twice the price of a 1971 VW Bug! You could buy a brand new 1971 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible for only $300 more than the Karmann Ghia. I bought a used 1971 Karmann Ghia convertible in late 1972 for $1,500.00 after it had been professionally repaired following a front end collision. The paint shine didn't match so I got the car for a bargain. I later sold that car to my Dad who totalled it in an accident. I love the Karmann Ghia and could delight in owning and driving your Porsche version. I once owned a 911S and can imagine how spectacular your car must perform! Thanks
I hate the way he is driving this lovely little car. The whole point of the Karmann Ghia was to be a poser car, a poor man's attempt to be a sport car but which everyone knew had no power. And that is its appeal to me: that it was a more integrated body design which was not soldered together, and with few seems and beautiful architecture. Also, at 50 horsepower you are not going to waste fuel and get high insurance rates every year.
Let him build an electric Karmann Ghia that exceeds all other electric cars and then I will thank him for his efforts. But the chrome details and the silver paint job are top quality work. Leather seats conspicuously missing here.
William Scheuer
What a beauty...that silver paint just glows! I’d have no problem parking it next to my ‘95 Carrera with the identical air cooled 3.6. What the hell, I may drive the Ghia more than the 993. Looks like so much fun and done right! Nice job on this little classic.
Gi M
I want that!
Rocket Surgery
186 mph? Not with that nose. We're talking major uplift.
David Bauer
The essayist and most affordable way to make these cars fast is just stuff in a subie sti engine. But this is obviously the way to do it if money is on obstacle
Ride Like a Pro Jerry Palladino
You would think VW would see a market for a modern Karmann Ghia that looks as close to the original as the new VW Bug did, to the original. Especially since the Bug is now going out of production.
Phil Leib
W Clark
Personally, I'd prefer the engine from a 356. More period correct, though not nearly as fast.
Gordon McCoy
Only comment acceptable is: "Want one...!"
3.6L cc engine?
Thomas Cranston
In the early 60's Harry Washburn (VW Dealer in Shreeveport LA) Raced a Porsche RSK. His personal car was a Karmann Ghia with Porsche Engine. One guy in Houston TX bolted a water cooled turbocharged Subaru 4 cyl boxer in his Karmann Ghia. A friend on hearing that put one of those turbo Subaru's in his VW Van. He could step on it and pass another vehicle that was doing 80 MPH.
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Karmin Ghia ProTour ROTARY Vintage! Porsche-powered Karmann Ghia 2 days ago   10:02

1970 Karmin Ghia Convertible.

This car was commissioned built by II Carsick Garage in Sarasota, Fla. for a customer, who intention was to build a super Ghia...per say. This car without doubt is the wildest creation we've ever built, and is NOT for the everyday driver. It is race prepared to the 10's, yet driven on the street daily. It can be driven like a normal Mazda or VW...short shifting....It Can also rev 10,000 RPMS instantly with the FULL RACE prepared "LOWES Performance" 13B Mazda Supercharged Rotary. The transmission and driveline have been rebuilt several times to handle the power, and finally, after 2 sets of custom axles, we finally had a German Company Custom machine the CV Joints combining 930 Por. parts. There is a year of hard work and testing on this sweet little hot rod, and she's dialed in perfect, ready for a real car guy who wants to BLOW peoples minds with the performance this car has, besides being the coolest Ghia we've ever seen done.

The owner says its way to fast for him......! and we agree....this car is wild, and super quick, and I guarantee you eat corvettes for breakfast...

To Date, we believe this is the only Karmin Ghia Convertible that has been transformed (Super Rotary) into what has been described a Corvette killer...equipped with nothing but the very best in equipment money can buy or build. Everything on this car is NEW. Everything has been tweeked to the owners spec.


70 Ghia Convert / Rust Free Car

1985 13B Mazda Motor / Fresh-500miles

Lowes Performance Race Motor / Ported/Polished . Race Seals..etc. / Camden Supercharger / 850 Holley Race Carb ($12K invested)

Motor is producing 350Hp @ 7 lbs boost @ 7600 RPM / Duel MSD BOXES / Duel Rev Limiter

Methanol Injection with Pump (Computer Mixed for racing applications) Adjustable Air-Fuel Mixture / Boost Controller /

Custom Oil Cooler with Duel Fans

Fischer Roadmaster 4 spd Trans . / Shifts better then Perfect...we worked on it.

Scat Shifter re-machined internally to be real smooth for road racing applications


Custom Machined 930 Style Hubs / Wildwood Disc Racing Brakes / Custom 10" drilled and slotted rotors

Custom offset "FOOSE" 18" mono racing wheels

KONI Shocks

New gas tank (OEM style) insulated

New Painless wiring system / complete


Custom Fitted Carbon Fiber Dash (Real Carbon Fiber)

Custom Instrumentation . 10K Tach w-shift lift / Rev Limited to 8000rpm for street.

Custom Racing Seats and seat carpet etc,

Custom Leather Door Panels "GHIA SC"

Top is custom padded and super insulated for the AC we installed....they did a beautiful job on this top assemble.

IF you want the ultimate street VW, you just found it...!

There is over $45K in this car as is, and probably the most beautiful Karmin Ghia in this country, and ONE of the fastest too
Good Luck considered...this car is reserved priced, get real...and I will lift the reserve.

All inquiries call for more information / Tons of build pics available.

Vern Tokarczyk / 941-284-9593

[email protected]

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