Climate Change and Renewable Energy What is the most Powerful Object 2 days ago   2:30:54

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Climate Change and Renewable Energy – What are the Very Best Actions to Take to Save Ourselves? with Mark Serreze, Danny Kennedy, James Hansen, Ph.D, Leah Parks, Janet Larsen, Katie Singer, Peter Carter, M.D.

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Dan Murphy
Read the billboard behind them, All cant give this crap away!
Just wanna say a big far fuck you to the assholes like James Hanson who refuse to answer the question.
Honey Bee
Before that day comes....Jesus will! He will come to destroy and judge and lay the foundation for the new Jerusalem or holy land. He will recompense. You think we do things mightier than Him? Hahaha, such a joke! God is not a man that he will lie. These people only wish to control the masses, now that's evil!👹
Samma Vitae
We have to stop being weasels and clean up our room ..and stop eating animals.
Eva N
If everybody is stopping eating animals then the rest will be taken care naturally.
Eva N
Finding a solution so we can continue with the violence and eating meat and dairy. Nothing is more important then to stop these violence. If they are not vegan then I don’t know why they seem to try to save the earth. They have to start first by them self and then buy a electric car or better use the bycicle it s better for your healthy.
Michael Reich
I have a suggestion for the panel. How about abolishing the creation of ANYTHING that does not have an "End Of Life" plan to accompany it. The horrific international landfill situation is rarely discussed. It is difficult for me to accept that we still believe that we are going to manufacture our way out of a problem that modern manufacturing is largely responsible for.
Eva N
Go vegan
Eva N
I think non of them are vegans
B Green
All this talk is making me want to get home and finish my solar water heater Im already plant based and drive a hybrid.
Tom F.
We've had independent home and transportation fr€€ €nergy since the days of Tesla that have been held captive from the masses. If we take this back to the rightful owners, "us", then we defeat the cabal and make the world a better place. If not, then we are still being ruled by a criminal Enterprise.
WWG1WGA ~free Assange~
Dan Thomas
@ 2:52 and 2:58 there it is the new buzz word "crisis" I see it being used a lot in almost every video on "climate change", it's climate crisis now, not climate change, crisis sounds more scary for this "manufactured" crisis. There's no crisis, we don't need to "save our selves" the climate changes and does it violently with wildly fluctuating extremes, there's nothing nice about mother nature, she'll kill us with her "weather" extremes, it's always been this way, we live at her mercy, nothing we do will change what mother nature does, no tax, no renewable, no amount of money will change mother nature, she does as she pleases.
nah. Loma Linda, NEW START program and Ellen Whites: Ministry of Healing is the Holy Grail of health... These people are delusional.....
Donna Daly
Genesis 8:22 - While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
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Bmw EM
LOL as long as there are dumb , stupid people around, This Bullshit will never end,
Wonton Parmesan
Drew Black
They have no research only conjecture.
Oh FFS...I'm so tired of seeing these brainwashed knuckleheads.. 🙄😴
Taking you to mother
Eliminate all sports and entertainment industry since all they do is fly around and pollute the planet.
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What is the most Powerful Object Climate Change and Renewable Energy 2 days ago   00:00

No known object in existence has as clear a division between “inside” and “outside” as a black hole. We live and see the outside, and no probe will bring us information about the inside. We can send radio messages or robotic spacecraft, but once they cross over into a black hole’s interior, we’ll never get back those emissaries … or any information about what happened to them.

The boundary of a black hole is its event horizon. It’s not a surface in the usual sense—there’s no physical barrier—but it’s very much a real thing. Outside the horizon, an object can escape the black hole’s gravitational pull if it’s moving sufficiently fast; inside, it would need to move faster than light-speed, something forbidden by the laws of nature.

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