How is PUTIN isolating UKRAINE? - VisualPolitik Why is the GERMAN ARMY EXPANDING? - KJ VIDS 1 day ago   15:32

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Most of the gas that Europe consumes comes from Russia. And most of that gas crosses Ukraine. Since the Euromaidan protests of 2014, the relationship between Moskow and Kiev could not be worse. Vladimir Putin is not a big fan of paying transit rights to Ukraine anytime its gas grosses their territory. This is why, the Kremlin has started a clear strategy to isolate Ukraine from their gas routes.
By the year 2020, new pipelines will be finished: Nordstream 1, Nordstream 2 and Turkstream. This new gaspipes will become the brand new ways for Russia to sell their oil to Europe.
In the meantime, Ukraine cleans corruption on their state-owned gas company: Naftogas. They want to turn this big corporation into a modern, competitive, one. And this is a big work for their brand new CEO, Andriy Koboyev. The questions now are… Can Putin isolate Ukraine from the gas market? What are the consequences of this strategy for Ukraine? We will answer all of those questions on this video.

*Script written by Javier Angulo

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Eduardo Espinoza
Why doesn't Russia invades that shit country Ukraine, i mean come on its a fascistic dictatorship!
Dioskorid Dioskorid
What will Russia lose refusing from gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine?
Peter Mokry
The only thing this guy is an expert in is pretending that he knows geopolitics, all while pushing the agenda of his own political interests. Funny how he never mentioned that despite US threats Germany refuses to cancel the NS 2 pipeline and buy US LNG at the bargain price of THREE TIMES that of Russian gas. Also, that by having two additional gas lines to Europe, the US will not be able to use Ukraine as a threat and cut off gas to Europe; kind of makes all the money and effort running the coup of an elected government a big waste (why waste 2 years waiting for another election that will most likely result in electing someone the US does not support). Then again, with Timochenko (the corruption as well as the chocolate king) running at 8% popularity, best to forgo the messy process of an election and bring about martial law; which he did.
Almost Everything You've Ever Heard About Crimea is False
Tasty Not tasty
We have never had a clown president in Ukraine before, it's gonna be interesting
Tasty Not tasty
The Timoshenko chick has never been a president. Although she attempted 3 times xD
jonathan lavezzi
Build the nuclear power plants they canceled after The disaster in Japan
The real question is: Why are dumb assholes like you trying to isolate Russia?
Russia is selling gas to the Ukraine. 20% of the gas that goes from Russia to Europe stays in the Ukraine because Ukraine is the 6th biggest gas consumer worldwide. Russias interest is to keep on selling gas to Ukraine. It is Ameriscums interest to isolate Russia, to stop Russia from delivering their gas to others, because Ameriscum wants to sell its own dirty fracking gas. That is why Ameriscum made the bloody regime change in Ukraine and threw it into civil war in which people are still dying today. That is why gas companies in Ukraine are run by Ameriscum like the relatives of John Kerry and Joe Biden.
Ameriscum deserves to die.
Unik Tang Gurung
Your video content is good but it wud be a lot better if you show more of the video content as pictures and animations than your face dude
Ddd Kkk
All of them have in common? All dirty baby eating jooz that stole all the states resources for a song to fuck the goy and control the earth eventually.
Their isolating themeselves because Chocoshenkos is a corrupt bastard and the whole country is corrupt.
Alberto Scagliarini
The problem is not the gas, the problem is Russia want Ukraine.
@VisualPolitik I wonder if you are preparing a video related to the end of the INF (the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty). Thank you!
The usa wants to make russia out to be the bogie man, but germany does not see them as such. Trough nato or whatever theusa wants to dictate to their members what to do and not to do. Europe should thumb their noses at them
Ukraine has introduced reforms to steer away from the kleptocracy corruption of Putin, Russian Oligarchs and Russian gas supply and so should Europe - best to invest in future electricity and develop electricity grids etc and invest in modern recyclable sources, solar etc even nuclear as electricity will supersede gas in the future - gas won't last forever and when gas deposits start to run dry electricity prices will be cheaper - many countries are investing more in electricity already for the future - Ukraine has lots of smart scientists and engineers should develop electric cars etc - renewable sourced electricity is the future, not Putin
Tena Karagiannis
Wow! Your a real idiot.
Tena Karagiannis
Largest nuclear accident? What about Fukushima? It is still going on with no end in site. Get your facts straight .
This video has so many inaccuracies and factual mistakes. This raise concern about quality of information in other videos.
Phil Ad
Pax Americana has prevented Europeans from fighting massive wars like World War II and Napoleons Wars. So now, they resolve to haggling over gas like children. They never get tired of fighting.
Razar Campbell
Ukraine had the biggest corruption scandal? I thought the biggest corruption scandal was when america legislated that corporations were _people_ and that spending money was _free speech._ So that "People" could "Speak Freely" to the government (read: So that corporations could give money/ bribe politicians legally).
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Why is the GERMAN ARMY EXPANDING? - KJ VIDS How is PUTIN isolating UKRAINE? - VisualPolitik 1 day ago   16:18

The debate about German militarisation has gained speed in recent years. The German army is now going through its biggest defense spending increase since WWII. But what are the geopolitical shifts that have led to Germany feeling insecure and why now? I'm Kasim, this is KJ Vids and in this video, we will discuss the German army expansion.

America’s tariffs and protectionist trade wars, a muscular and emboldened Russia that wants to reconstruct a historic sphere of influence in the region, chaos in the Middle East that has led to a global migrant crisis of which Germany is the centre of and climate change has led to no choice except for Germany to prepare itself from the instability it predicts and the threat it perceives to its national security.

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