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Most of the gas that Europe consumes comes from Russia. And most of that gas crosses Ukraine. Since the Euromaidan protests of 2014, the relationship between Moskow and Kiev could not be worse. Vladimir Putin is not a big fan of paying transit rights to Ukraine anytime its gas grosses their territory. This is why, the Kremlin has started a clear strategy to isolate Ukraine from their gas routes.
By the year 2020, new pipelines will be finished: Nordstream 1, Nordstream 2 and Turkstream. This new gaspipes will become the brand new ways for Russia to sell their oil to Europe.
In the meantime, Ukraine cleans corruption on their state-owned gas company: Naftogas. They want to turn this big corporation into a modern, competitive, one. And this is a big work for their brand new CEO, Andriy Koboyev. The questions now are… Can Putin isolate Ukraine from the gas market? What are the consequences of this strategy for Ukraine? We will answer all of those questions on this video.

*Script written by Javier Angulo

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Ana nimity


dimah cit
Porochenko is a zionist bitch....
Michel van Dijk
whatever buddo
Max Bulay
Timoshenko was never a president. Hudge mistake in first minutes of video.
Chujoza Zakała
Ukraine is only coutry in Europe where SStroops (SS Galizien) are national heroes and parade in SS uniform. Ukraine gloryficate oun-upa who made genocide in polish neighbors. As person from Poland who has cruel murdered family by oun-upa i have hope that Russia smash this nazi-groryficated country.
Carla Broderick
Comments on Visualpolitik are usually fascinating, how depressing that when your subject is Ukraine the Russian bots and schills invade with useless misinformation.
Ion Pribeagu
well, IF we are rich then ...but we are not, so we want cheap gas.. from whoever has it...politics are a lot of BS/CRAP in my humble opinion
george ninan
It is advantageous for Germany to get gas directly from Russia.They have no conflict of interest.So it should work fine.
george Ninan
WiFi Laptop Lifestyle
they had a chocolate man who was not voted in by the people but now the people want a comedian to run the county what does that say to the world the world is laughing at Ukraine always remember you can't believe what the US says they cannot be trusted
Ukraine was never a financially successful country and more to that - a country with a big history of supporting ultra right politics.
Randy Hartono
Cheap Gas is always a good thing. Why buy expensive gas if cheap Gas available.
Alessandrous Antegeia
Good try of getting a broad image of what happening in Ukraine but in what extend an American or a British analyst can get the whole image? The funny thing is that you kinda forgot the US role in the whole Ukrainian mess
Rodion Makovskiy
About bridge between Crimea and mainland Russia what block ships - what kind of ships is bloking, what max heigh and deapth of vessels can pass under bridge? Answer - Crimea Bridge block nothing.
This channel is just shitty western propaganda
Dumb fucks)) You, sneaky Brits, still think that you can do whatever you want, sugar coat it with your lies and it becomes kosher? No shit - those times are long gone. You are fucking transparent with all your old tricks. Oh, and BTW - I really like UK and people, but those dirty fucks in UK politics who run all this circus called "UK foreign politics", deserve to be hanged.
The Snake Pit
Haha.. this video are ridiculous, guys , either your fake news or Just a really really bad reseachers..
I gonna call you fake news.. who are you working for, people do your own reseach, because this dude is way of , what went and are going on..
Its a joke.. EU paid for the gas to Ukraine , but Ukraine had a hard time deliver that all the way to Gazprom, in other words they gas that went true Ukraine russia was not paid for.. so that why they clammed down , another anti russia channel spinning out of control.

Get real.. you know your feeding fake news and bullcrap to your viewers, people please do reseach not hard to personer prove am right..
Orest Oh
Russia is an annoying neighbour to have.
A Singh
Wow no mention of the US Coup...
Russia will cover all the damage that caused the war and occupation of the territory of Ukraine. Putin - go to the bottom!!!
Worldvoyager 2005
I would take the cheap russian gas of Course...
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How Powerful is Ukraine? Ukraine Military How is PUTIN isolating UKRAINE? - VisualPolitik 2 days ago   05:00

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