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Most of the gas that Europe consumes comes from Russia. And most of that gas crosses Ukraine. Since the Euromaidan protests of 2014, the relationship between Moskow and Kiev could not be worse. Vladimir Putin is not a big fan of paying transit rights to Ukraine anytime its gas grosses their territory. This is why, the Kremlin has started a clear strategy to isolate Ukraine from their gas routes.
By the year 2020, new pipelines will be finished: Nordstream 1, Nordstream 2 and Turkstream. This new gaspipes will become the brand new ways for Russia to sell their oil to Europe.
In the meantime, Ukraine cleans corruption on their state-owned gas company: Naftogas. They want to turn this big corporation into a modern, competitive, one. And this is a big work for their brand new CEO, Andriy Koboyev. The questions now are… Can Putin isolate Ukraine from the gas market? What are the consequences of this strategy for Ukraine? We will answer all of those questions on this video.

*Script written by Javier Angulo

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Roman Shopa
3:48, 6:18 Wrong map - Crimea peninsula is denoted as non-Ukrainian territory, which is against the official position (on its occupation by russians) of the US, EU, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262 and all the free world. I reported this to YouTube.
It's funny how there's no word about American interference in Ukrainian politics but just Russian "interference". The double standards! Fuck America!
Poor Ukraine. They listened to fucking America. The US caused all these problems to them. That's what happens when you let America interfere with your politics, your country gets fucked up!
Dr Sweat
Isn’t it ironic The us invaded Iraq nothing happens.When Russia invades some small province .They get sanctioned
Aleksandr Belenko
So many errors....
Aleksandr Belenko
Why Crimea is different shade to rest of Ukraine?
The music need to chill smh
Ali Rana
Make a video on indiii russian relations
Daniil Pintjuk
I would build nuclear power plants like crazy if i was germany
Андрій Ковальчук
Map of Ukraine is wrong. Some things about Ukraine not correct.
Emerald XXI и Джим Кирк Deutscher
With Zelensky as it's new president, Ukraine may see it's dramatic economic boost.
Last time in February 2019, Nokia Lumia 925 costed 3037 UAH, now it costs at least 3001 UAH. So big difference there.
You can easily spend 113$ on this phone.
Darryl Hetherington
Washington orchestrated the overthrow of the previous pro Russian government illegally, then told the world press to say that Russia had attacked Ukraine. Joe Biden's (former vice president of USA) son Hunter, was almost immediately thrown into the Ukrainian energy sector. America is the great Juggernaught that runs on other peoples energy and will do ANYTHING to be the winner...though $30,000,000,000,000 in debt. When the Americans failed to claim the Russian leased port of Sevastopol (because the Crimean people chose to return to Russia after being 'given to Soviet Ukraine as a 'gift in 1954) it threw a spanner in the works and the Americans had another failed takeover...By the way, not many know, or care, that Chernobyl is now a nuclear waste dump for America.. Visual Politik is about as informing as CNN. Not knowing who the previous president was, is a major demonstration of their research...Educated by FOX?
Geo economics
USA empire trying to isolate Russia
Russia has to fight back or be eaten alive
Archie FireLion
Good luck to Ukraine to withstand russian aggression and terrorism. RuSSia is the main sponsor of terrorism, visits of Taliban leaders to Moscow is just one of the proofs who is sponsoring terrorist attacks in Europe.
Obviously Germany should build Nord Stream 2, more options means you have .... more options.
jacob hill
it easy to tell the producer of this video has no idea of the truth or real facts.
Hu Hu
Zelensky is now President.
jim jim
is there a crimea river ?
Scrappy zohan coco
If anything were Kim Kardashian all the media cares about is our bottom 😂😂🇺🇦
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Which Countries are TAKING OFF in AFRICA? How is PUTIN isolating UKRAINE? - VisualPolitik 2 days ago   09:35

Since the start of the 21st Century, Africa has experienced a significant boost, especially the poorest countries on the continent.
With the exception of South Africa, the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa achieved annual growth rates of 6.2%. By comparison, that is twice the growth rate seen in Latin America during the same period of time.

Today in VisualPolitik EN we'll be talking about the countries that are taking off in Africa!

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