Revealing 80% Of My Face Reveal.. (Fortnite) Someone Sent Me HACKS For FREE 1 day ago   10:02

My Face Reveal Is Ugly.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Today in Fortnite Season 9, MrTop5 face reveals mostly all of his face. Please don't call me ugly!

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Austin Caruthers
You don’t even heart comments
Anthony Hernandez
Click this if you older than 1
heena jabbar
Briuuu lol
Cool Man
3 . 2 AD pops
Daniel Le
Mrtop5 somebody already steal your mask
Zelda Gaming
Ur nose is bigger than Mount Everest
ღ D1V3RS1TY_ ღ
Lmao ur just scared cuz of ur other channel xD
Ava Platt
Why did you not show your face
XXxXXxXXxmidnightXxXx COoKEs
Hewo hooman
Ruby Pokorske
U ligit just basically did a face reveal so show us it all together
Ruby Pokorske
OMG I'm trying not to be me but ur nose is soooooo big
Boihyper YT
Yes your are ugly ass fuck
XenoMego Areeb
Wait so 80% of a humans face is showing your eyes hmm I never knew
Ur click bating so hard
Hyper Neo
Wait u are yeetstem from tik tok
fortnite gamer
You chit
Team Shift
This is the biggest clickbaiter ever
John Hedegaard
We might have to Call his dad/mom to reveal his face. Cus he Will NEVER do it.
Denis Ienci
Those are some fat lips
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Someone Sent Me HACKS For FREE Revealing 80% Of My Face Reveal.. (Fortnite) 1 day ago   12:01

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