India’s Renewable Energy Journey New Wind Turbine Technologies - renewable 5 months ago   09:06

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
India’s Renewable Energy Journey

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The Random Lesson
Good for india..
The Random Lesson
Very nice video
The Random Lesson
Proud to be indian..all the best indian government..jai hind
Ankit Shakarwal
Very good initiative
Sponge850 Bobette
Having worked for a major Hydro Power government owned, I know the most difficult thing with solar or wind, is to balanced the grid.

The country that has been able to do this by using giga batteries is Germany. What India is downing is most remarkable. It is bringing electrical power to small users and medium users (large also obviously).
Solar energy production that sound but how to stock energy for night usage for example
Very knowledgeable video👌👌👌
James Rosemary
Numbers are impresive but it doesn't say what percentage of power consumption is from renewable sources...
Dustin Krejci
..."tribal and backward communities..." the narrator said...
Darksiders Valley of death
jai hind
Engine HD
Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan ! Jai Hind....!
Subhash Nashkar
that why i love my country
Pushpraj Rahangdale
Wind energy
Pushpraj Rahangdale
Knowledge Speed
This is future.....
If you interested in how solar power plant working....then visit below link..
Eisham Manulon
I wish india is a clean country
Mohammed Mansoor
In this almost lays
Yashsvi Dixit
Just look at this
hunny arora
Itna paisa government park bnane me lga ri h... Indian public ko loan dekar without interest toh har ghar me solar panel aajega...
chitharanjen kg
Why not the floating panels using on the sea to produce electricity?🤔
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New Wind Turbine Technologies - renewable India’s Renewable Energy Journey 5 months ago   27:47

New Wind Turbine Technologies

The new wind-lens turbine

A Japanese research group is working on a new technique that could triple the output of wind power generation. Called the wind-lens turbine, it gathers the wind much as a lens concentrates light by means of a special device that is attached around the turbine. So, what could that be? Look forward to this! It's simpler than you'd think! Tests have already started on turbines out at sea in preparation for practical introduction. Effective use of the wind around Japan's coasts could far more than satisfy Japan's electricity needs. We report from the vanguard of this dream new technology.

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