Cost of life in Ukraine. My monthly Is it still safe in Ukraine in 2019? 2 days ago   06:23

Olga Reznikova
What is my spending in Ukraine per month?

How much does life in Ukraine cost? How much does life in USA or Germany, hehe? It's so much depends from the lifestyle, but today I will explain you exactly on my example.
Let me give you input. My expenses consist of my family with kid + my parents. So how much I am spending?
1. Rent of apartment in Kiev - 400$ per month. Bills for apartment - around 40$ in warm season and 150$ in heating season.
2. Bills for my parent's apartment - 30$ per month + 50$ heating.
3. Internet - 15$ per month for both apartments
4. Mobile bills - 10$ per person per month, with 20 GB data plan.
5. Kindergarten - 15$ per month, but it is governmental. State kindergarten would cost around 400$ per month.
6. Food - my family spend around 400$ per month for food, and my parents need around 250$ per month.
7. Car - 250$ per month for loan.
8. Fuel - 200$ per month, if drive only in city.
9. 3rd party car insurance - 15$ per year
10. Full car insurance - 1000USD per yes.
11. Entertainment - around 200$ per month (kid's playground, festivals etc).

So in total every month for bills and mandatory payments I need approximately 1200USD every month. Sure I didn't include clothes, new electronics, house building expenses and so on. This is just basic spending which I will have anyway.
How much do you spend in your country for every month?

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Maria A
Why are you always referencing usa? Do you have a lot of followers from usa? Canada has the most Ukrainians, not usa.
Kaptan Singh
give your number
Barry Lynne
Did you say 9000 USD for Full coverage car insurance?
Michael Zolotov
its not 'cost of life' its cost of living lol
I think she gets more beautiful with age. So what's the grand total amount you spent per month? $2,500.00 USD?
Signature Home Inspection
My mortgage loan for home in Orange County California is $3600 month.
9109 9911
Буд что будит. It is what it is, amirite?!?!
Now I know what I need to have if I live in Ukraine. Great information, thank you Olga.
Lorne Gillis
Wow..I I live in Canada and it is alot more expensive here .....then where you live....
Prince Priest
So nice to hear you. Nice useful information, just to see how other parts of the world are also managing. Your English isn't perfect but feel cute to listen. Thanks
Ron Zee
Is being married and living with your parents common in Ukraine ?
Todd Hunter
great country 50dollar pensions my father in law too
very speed kurwa
aex wel
in my country in switzerland cost apartment with 3 rooms : 1200dollar per month .

how mutch is a normal salary in kiev olga ?
aex wel
@olga :

your month budget is 2000us dollar ?
Husain Shadab
Wattttttttt 50 dollar pension for old people. Then how they live? Ahhhh
Sweet Strawberry
So cheap
william king
Good video👍
Hugo Sousa
I'm moving to Ukraine real soon and now you scared me with the expenses...
Miguel Santamaria
Good information, thank Olga
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Is it still safe in Ukraine in 2019? Cost of life in Ukraine. My monthly 2 days ago   04:00

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Is it still safe in Ukraine in 2019?
Questions about safety I am getting every day. Not sure what people want to hear: situation with war or just everyday crimes in the city?
So let's start with war. As you know Ukraine is in war with Russia since 2014. Russia occupied our territory and try to make economical situation unstable. War is on the East of Ukraine and other part of Ukraine are not so much effected.
Crime every day. What is not typical for Ukraine - this is brutality. When you are going on the street and somebody can grab your bags, hit you, kick you and so on. For sure it can happen in any place in the world, and in Ukraine as well, but this is not what is happening every day.
The most popular crimes are money scam. You pay for something which was not delivered, you gave advanced payment and person disappear, or you agreed for apartment rent and they scam you. I guess this is the most popular and you should be very careful with any kind of payments.
But don't worry about physical hurt. Sure it can happen, but very rear.
Did you personally face with any kind of danger or crime in Ukraine?

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