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Olga Reznikova
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What is my spending in Ukraine per month?

How much does life in Ukraine cost? How much does life in USA or Germany, hehe? It's so much depends from the lifestyle, but today I will explain you exactly on my example.
Let me give you input. My expenses consist of my family with kid + my parents. So how much I am spending?
1. Rent of apartment in Kiev - 400$ per month. Bills for apartment - around 40$ in warm season and 150$ in heating season.
2. Bills for my parent's apartment - 30$ per month + 50$ heating.
3. Internet - 15$ per month for both apartments
4. Mobile bills - 10$ per person per month, with 20 GB data plan.
5. Kindergarten - 15$ per month, but it is governmental. State kindergarten would cost around 400$ per month.
6. Food - my family spend around 400$ per month for food, and my parents need around 250$ per month.
7. Car - 250$ per month for loan.
8. Fuel - 200$ per month, if drive only in city.
9. 3rd party car insurance - 15$ per year
10. Full car insurance - 1000USD per yes.
11. Entertainment - around 200$ per month (kid's playground, festivals etc).

So in total every month for bills and mandatory payments I need approximately 1200USD every month. Sure I didn't include clothes, new electronics, house building expenses and so on. This is just basic spending which I will have anyway.
How much do you spend in your country for every month?

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Thai kravmaga
i followed you
Pietro Striano
I spend 400 euros in total but I don't have any car. Loan. Big apartment. Second hand clothes same phone since years. For me is OK like that
Hakan Ülker
Hello you are very beautiful
Alvin Leong
Olga is always so positive about her life in Ukraine... why can't women from richer countries do it?
arif bhatti
When you compare official average income in Ukraine to expenses, it seems that most people must be participating in the black/grey economy, or that they are kept afloat by relatives working abroad.
I wish to visit Ukraine one day :-) thanks Olga ❤
This is interesting, everyone should know what their expenses are. I have some questions after watching this and thinking of my own income and expenses here in the UK. How easy is it to borrow money in Ukraine? What is the interest rate? Does your government pay you money for your child (child benefit)? What if you become sick and can’t work for a period of time, will the government or employer help you at all? Are private pensions something people pay into in Ukraine? How much does it cost for your tuition fees for a degree at university? The more I think the more questions I have, so I had better stop now!
Cobra Kai
My house is around $300,000 and monthly is $2,000
You need "Shooooga' Daddy" Queeeekly!
Johan de Vries
Hi Olga...maybe a personal question...but do you participate in the cost of living???? Or does your husband pays all himself?? I ask this because I know many Ukraine women do NOT pay anything for their men nor for the household...becauzse they EXPECT the men to pay. Btw what is your source of income?? My guess would be you do NOT hold an average job...right? My ukrainian GF earns 450 USD a month..she lives in Odessa. Thank you.
Jon Harmil
That is very humble of you to relate your personal expenses to the world. You are truly a valuable, special person .....
Pisdez Neskazhu
I would like to know how big your apartment is and is it in the centre?
How many people live outside of Kiev and commute in to work each day? It's a way of live in the United States around the major cities, but what about there?
How many people is that the food bill for? Is it for five people?

I was shocked by how cheap utilities and internet are.
Vincent's helpful hints
you are doing very well. Great job
H Y Matanovich
This chick reminds me of Olga and Jorge, Let the modding begin, you can tell she did top veneers already i wonder what is next..
Adam Huber
Olechka! I dont think you are Irish.😘 I love you anyway especially since we probably will never meet.
Come to Mexico,😍
Mi casa es tu casa😁
Come to Mexico
My house is your 🏠😍
Michael nunya
I’m in Canada.
If you In Ukraine think being an ally of America is something great then I’m here to tell you that your crazy. America and Americans are pure evil, they will use you up as they do all things. If you had half a brain you would see the benefits of being an ally of Russia.
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