OUR FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE TOUR! House Tour Of Our Current House 2 days ago   23:59

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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️


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Maritza&Anton Rios
Love it ....those are my colors lol love ur house may God bless u guys always
Flor Saldana
Add a neon sign with your subscription name on your wall where you do your videos!!! Check them out in Etsy
Sarah Marie
You guys are blessed and you guys got beautiful house perfect for babyboy to be in 🖤 may god continue to bless you guys more and more . Les you are so pretty alex did good
Lesley Ramirez
Omg my birthday is July 10!!!!
E Flo
Slow down sounds like ur on fukn crack
Daniela Valdez
Looks like she was trying to copy evette xos house but evettes is better.
Estefana Lira
Les! What is the name and size of the rug you have in your living room ? Is it okay if I copy it lol I love it 😍
Joanna Rueda
Do you have the link for the entry table . Plz and thanks
Jessica Villarreal
What’s the name of the hallway table she got in wayfair I want to get one and I can’t seem to find it
Sherwin Garrett
Love the bed frame!
Just Michelle
does anyone know where the headboard is from?
Nikki XO Lee
Sitting here through all of your ads cause babygirl i know you guys are gonna need that $$$$ when baby boy gets here! I'm so happy to see you on YouTube!! I've been watching you on FB since you were at your momma's moving all over and in your closet!! So happy for you!! Congrats doll n best wishes to you and yours, Forever & always.
Cynthia Ramirez
I need to know what mirror this is in her makeup room!
Omg where is the coffee table from?
Viviaba Parrilla
Les, quisiera saber donde conseguiste “wall metal” que esta en la cocina ??? Please los platos que están en la pared
Juan biera
Spongebob! Hahaha te mamaste
EJ Garcia
Can you link the rug please???? I need it!!!
Tenneh & Ngyeania
hey beautiful where you got your dinning room set from i luv it
litzy lechuga
babygirl , what size are those printouts of you and Alex are lmao😔
Anna Hovakimian
Great video!
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House Tour Of Our Current House OUR FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE TOUR! 2 days ago   09:39

#moving #housetour #oldhousetour

Good Morning Marmy!
In today's video I am doing a full house tour of our current home. I want this video to be a lasting memory for my boys so that they remember the house they spent the first few years of their life in. Leaving this house is hard because of the years of memories but I know we are ready for the next chapter. Enjoy this full look at the house you have been watching for the last 4 years x

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