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Reinforced concrete is heavy and its steel skeleton vulnerable to rust. Now researchers have replaced the steel with carbon fibre mesh. The result is lighter and more flexible than standard concrete slabs.

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Justice Warrior
Just use Helix steel reinforced concrete!!
Wayyy better!
Keith Laitinen
can we use this in concrete road materials with a good base.....
Shemar Roberts
Concrete is a mixture of gravel sand cement and water ...not just cement, sand and water
Patrick EH
Wow, Germany is only now using this tech?
Tim Murphy
No mention of Concrete Canvas which can already "make chairs and tables" etc and is in fact in widespread use already and doesn't need to be made with expensive carbon fibres.
kokila balasuramanian
How to produce that mesh?
Jerry Florez
They really put a go pro in a concrete bucket lmao
Stay Frosty
this will be great for ferro cement boat building
Marc T
No kidding. I mean sure carbon fiber and graphene can make concrete super strong and crack resistant, but in practice nobody can afford that. If they could then we'd all be driving cars made out of graphite+CF reinforced plastics.
Ryan Byrd
This is paid off by that company lol Jesus people can't be this dumb
reshma raveendran
how the sustained load corrosion can be tested in trc for obtaining its performance under the combined action of load and marine environment...pls explain
desu saideep
we choose textile reinforced concrete as our final year thesis, where can i get this textile sample for our project...
we are from INDIA.......
Genaline Cabije
wow!!!Really great for furniture industry!!
Renee Hinkle
it broke on the edge of bar, I' bet a earthquake test would prove it's truly valuable !
Frenchie lover
If you build a home and prep the frame properly before pouring the cement you can even use chicken wire. Anything adding to the concrete to assist with street if better than nothing. My dream is to used metal fences between my concrete walls so the house doesn't fall on my if we have an earthquake.
Ervin Silic
Great invention!. Is this materijal commercially available now
carmichael moritz
really cool product for the rich , basically its the same thing every good product overlooks the poor , its all about money
Guilherme Susin
Thank you for sharing this kind of information!
Berndt Fuchs
Very interesting concept.
Carbon fibers are usualy made out of Oil ...
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Carbon fiber advantages in concrete Building with textile concrete 2 days ago   07:08

Advantages of using carbon fiber instead of steel in concrete boom pumps, from light weight, to fatigue resistance

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